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Become more 'Recruitable' - How to use your Skills Transcript

Discover how you can use the skills you have learnt whilst volunteering to give you a competitive edge when applying for your first job and how understanding your experiences can boost your self-confidence.

10 Reasons to Volunteer through ARU Students' Union

Discover all the benefits to starting your volunteering journey through ARU Students' Union Volunteer Centre.

Why you should record Hours and Skills

Logging hours and skills can provide you with a range of benefits. Find out how logging your volunteering activity can help you.

How to log your skills effectively

Supercharge your skill logging and reflections - learn how this can improve your self-awareness and 'recruitability'.

Why I volunteer…and why you should too

What do YOU love? Me? I chose SCA

Why you should download your Skills Transcript

Learn how you can take the first step to make your volunteering experience and skills shine by downloading your Skills Transcript.

What are 'Soft' skills?

What are soft skills and why are they vital for the 21st Century workplace?

How Skills Training can benefit you

Find out how our Skills Training can help you become the Next.Level.You.

How to Write a Quality Volunteer of the Month Nomination

Do you want to recognise an outstanding ARU volunteer? Make sure your nomination gets noticed with a few tips to write a quality nomination