Organisation Partnership Agreement


Volunteer Service Level Agreement


ARU Students’ Union will only approve registrations from a voluntary group, charitable organisation, a statutory body, social enterprise or other not-for-profit organisation.

Registrations are approved at the discretion of ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre and will comply with this Service Level Agreement and the terms in our Volunteer Role Criteria.


Volunteer Role Criteria

ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre will only actively promote volunteer roles through our brokerage system that comply with the following criteria.

Volunteer Roles will:

1. Be based in the UK. The Volunteer Centre cannot currently promote any international volunteering roles.

2. Be unpaid and must not replace a previously paid role.

3. Benefit both the organisation and the student.

4. Have clear and truthful descriptions of a volunteer’s role and responsibilities. If the opportunity has multiple responsibilities or is titled as an Internship, please refer to our Internship Policy.

5. Be flexible with the time commitments of the role. The commitment to the opportunity should be reasonable for a student in full time education (a guiding principle for this is a maximum of 15 hours per week). Volunteer roles will be aware of and respect a student volunteer's priorities in terms of academic timetables (including examinations and assignment hand-in dates) and possible VISA restrictions.


What you can expect from ARU Students’ Union:


ARU Students’ Union will:

1. Provide a free and professional brokerage service.

2. Advertise your organisation and your volunteering opportunities to all current Anglia Ruskin University students through our brokerage service.

3. Advertise any volunteering trips, projects or events you are able to host to our students and provide students who are interested in organising a trip, project or event with your contact details.

4. Offer a 1-2-1 meeting service to assist students to find a suitable volunteer role based on their individual requirements.

5. Provide students with relevant guidance on identifying and applying for suitable volunteer opportunities.

6. Notify you via e-mail when a student has expressed an interest in volunteering at your organisation. 

7. Maintain regular contact with your organisation and the volunteer throughout the duration of a volunteer’s involvement, offering ongoing support.

8. Invite you to relevant on-campus activities and events including volunteer fairs.

9. Celebrate and recognise the achievements of volunteers through our reward and recognition schemes.

10. Keep a record of any students who have expressed an interest in volunteering at your organisation through our service.


What we ask of all organisations recruiting volunteers through ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre:


The organisation will:

1. Provide volunteering opportunities which are appropriate for students, where levels of expectation and time commitment are realistic and achievable.

2. Contact students who have expressed an interest in a role via the website in a timely manner. 

3. Provide an organisation logo.

4. Provide a Health and Safety Policy.

5. Ensure that each of your volunteer roles, projects, trips or events have a completed and up to date Risk Assessment.

6. Provide ARU Students' Union with a copy of your Risk Assessment upon request, where the Volunteer Centre deems the opportunity to be higher risk.

7. Provide an Equality, Diversity or Equal Opportunities Policy.

8. Accept liability for volunteers, and ensure that you are able to meet any liabilities through a Public Liability Insurance Policy.

9. Take responsibility for ascertaining a volunteer’s suitability for the volunteer role, and accept that ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre cannot guarantee an individual's personal or professional credibility.

10. Keep ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre notified of any changes in your organisation including contact details, application deadlines, changes in policy and procedures, and volunteer roles.

11. Maintain open and ongoing communication with ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre regarding volunteer recruitment.

12. To let ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre know if there are any issues, problems or concerns with a volunteer whilst volunteering at your organisation.

13. Comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 and treat personal information about volunteers confidentially.

14. Have a named person who is responsible for the ongoing supervision and support of volunteers.

15. Provide an induction to volunteers including a tour of the premises, introduction to colleagues, health and safety, tasks and role responsibilities.

16. Provide the necessary training for volunteers to carry out their volunteer roles safely and to a high standard.

17. Hold responsibility for undertaking DBS checks or references on volunteers when required.

18. Follow your organisations policies for the protection of children and adults at risk and to train volunteers how to follow and understand these policies.

19. Reimburse volunteers all reasonable out of pocket expenses in a timely fashion, upon receipt of the necessary documentation, where appropriate and able.

20. Ensure that all staff supporting or managing Anglia Ruskin University student volunteers are made aware of this agreement.

21. Provide transport or have a working late procedure to unsure students are not walking home alone if the volunteering role finishes in the evening.

22. When agreeing to our Service Level Agreement, you are happy for us to pass on your details to other members of staff within the SU and the University. If you wish to opt out of this please contact your campus volunteering coordinator to declare your preference.




ARU Students’ Union Volunteer Centre reserves the right to change the terms of this Service Level Agreement at any time and will update all partner organisations when any changes are made.