Society Ideas

Got an idea for a new society? Step three:


  1. 1. Check the group you wish to start doesn't already exist here.
  2. 2. Check our list of inactive societies to see if there's one you'd like to adopt here.
  3.  3. Check if other students want to be committee members to your society previously here. 
  4. 4. Gather at least two Committee Members and submit your start-up form below.


Post an idea below:


We can help you find some committee members to bring your society or club to life!

Take these 2 easy steps to suggest or start a new one:

  1. Post an idea below
  2. Students can then upvote your idea if they like the sound of it and we can put you in touch to start a committee and get the society started!


Please submit the form by email to




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