Adopt an Inactive Society

Adopt an Inactive Society 


  1. 1. Check the group you wish to start doesn't already exist here.
  2. 2. Check our list of inactive societies to see if there's one you'd like to adopt here.
  3.  3. Check if other students want to be committee members to your society previously here. 
  4. 4. Gather at least two Committee Members and submit your start-up form below.

Here at ARU, we've been running clubs and societies for over a decade and in that time we have had hundreds of amazing groups for you to get involved in. From cultural groups to creative societies, course-based networks to any hobby you can think of, we've almost had it all!

Sometimes clubs and societies don't have a new committee to had over to and their society is listed as inactive, however they may still have equipment, funds and a framework ready for a new committee to pick up!

Check below for our list of currently inactive societies. See one you'd like to adopt? Send us an e-mail on with your name, SID and the name of the society you'd like to adopt.

If the society you would like to start is not listed here then you can start a new society, click here to start up.