Break the Cycle: supporting student mental health and wellbeing


This year, the Officers' team campaign is 'Break The Cycle'.


We will be looking at several issues which affect the mental health of students as well as the resources which are offered to support our students while they are studying at ARU.

When you're struggling, it can often feel like you're stuck in a downward spiral so, by starting these conversations, we are hoping to break the cycle.


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Mental health support apps

You VP AHSS brings you some quick and easy apps to support your mental health

Break the Cycle: Access to mental health services at ARU

Other universities in the country have already started to make the first step at tackling mental health by using the Big White Wall as well as Slivercloud in conjunction with one another. These include, but are not limited to, University of Liverpool, Keele University, Queen Mary’s University, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Kings College London, University of Aberdeen and The University of Greenwich. A progressive university such as ARU should be amongst these universities listed.



Advice Service: Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources


The Mind Map

Mental Health Matters, that's why we love this site. This service allows you to search for Free Mental Health services based on your Post Code, which means if you are moving to a new city this year, or studying from home you can access support where you are.

How to deal with feeling nervous about moving out

It’s okay to feel some anxiety about moving out of your home into student accommodation. But here’s some tips on making it an easier process.