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Why Course Based Societies are awesome

All you need to know about Course Based Societies, from how joining can boost your CV, to how to start your own

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Bee is your Course Based Societies Coordinator, she talks about why course based societies are so important, how you can be a part of one, or how you can start your own.


Course based societies are not always the first things that come to mind when you think of going to university. You go to university to complete your course and meet new people, maybe through adventurous societies like Harry Potter, Pole Flex or K-Pop. What you may not know is how many wonderfully adventurous things your course based societies are up too as well! From Graphic Design’s trips to London, to Law and Optics Balls, and more. Our course based societies offer great opportunities for everyone to bond over shared experiences, they know when you’re too busy, when you have deadlines, when you really need some support and, importantly, when you really need to escape the library. 

What’s more, course based societies offer you the chance to improve your CV and partake in activities that support you on your course. Course based societies like AMT, Midwifery, Investors, Nursing, Sport and Cyber Security societies offer you the chance to build up volunteering hours and create a portfolio of work and industry relevant experience which can be a huge help when job hunting. Many societies also offer discount travel rates, and ticket prices for Society Members, which can help you experience the aspects of your course that feel out of reach due to money, time and other constraints.

Our calendar is regularly updated with the events that societies are holding. Check out our calendar or join a society today to get more information about the future plans your course based society has for you.



  • Anglia Ruskin Investors Society
  • Architecture Society
  • ARU Midwifery
  • Child Nursing
  • Cyber Security Society
  • Education Society
  • Law
  • Med Soc
  • Medical Education Society
  • Nursing
  • ODP Society
  • Paramedic Society



  • Audio Music Technology
  • Biomedical
  • Creative Writing
  • Cue.5
  • Graphic Design
  • Law
  • Media: Next Move Arts
  • Mindful Midwifery
  • Optics
  • Philosophy
  • Pre Hospital Care
  • PsycSoc
  • Science Society
  • Sports Courses Society



  • Nursing


If you feel like your course isn’t represented by the current course based societies on your campus email to discuss starting a new course based society or expanding a current society that could include your course interest.


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