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What is ARU Students’ Union?

Find out exactly who we are, and what we can offer you!

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ARU Students’ Union is a charity, completely separate to Anglia Ruskin University. The whole point of a students’ union is to advocate for students – and that’s exactly what we do! And there are many ways we do this. You can check it all out at



At the very top is the Executive Officer Team, consisting of your Union President, and five Vice Presidents, one for each faculty, as well as one for London. These guys act on your behalf, running awesome campaigns and fighting for your rights. But, they’re nothing without the other reps!


We also have ten Faculty Reps, one for each faculty for Cambridge and Chelmsford. There are also Campaign Reps, with the positions of Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Rep, Women’s Rep, Trans* Students’ Rep, LGBT Students’ Rep, and Disabled Students’ Rep, one of each on both Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses. These Reps all attend monthly Executive Committee meetings, where they meet with the Executive Officer Team to discuss student matters and the campaigns they’ve been working on. They may also raise any serious issues that Course Representatives have brought up.


Course Representatives are really important, as they are a way for the Executive Committee to get the feedback of all students, even the hard to reach ones. There is a Course Rep for each course and in each year. They take feedback from the students in their class in their year to Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings once a semester. They also stay in touch with their Faculty Rep, and bring up any serious issues with them to be taken further.



ARU Students’ Union offer a completely free and confidential Advice Service, which can help you with all kinds of academic issues you might be having. They can also help you if you’re not sure which direction to turn.

You can make an appointment by popping into the ARU Students’ Union reception, or by requesting an appointment online.



Another service ARU Students’ Union offers is Volunteering. You can choose from a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, some regular commitments and others are one-off volunteering experiences. When you find something you like the sound of, apply for it, and we’ll get in touch to arrange a meeting with you to discuss it. We’ll get in touch with the organisation on your behalf, and that’s it! Then you’re ready to start making a difference.


You can log your volunteering hours and skills on our website and win certificates and awards! The possibilities are endless.



You can keep up to date with everything going on with our What’s On Calendar.



ARU Students’ Union runs so many different societies that you can join, or if you’ve had a browse and nothing takes your fancy, you can always set up your own. Societies are a great way to enjoy your passion, share it with other people, and meet new friends. We can help you every step of the way with any questions you might have about societies.



Whatever you need, ARU Students’ Union is here to help!


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