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The People’s Vote: what is it and why is it a thing?

There will be a People’s Vote March on Saturday 20th October 2018 at 12pm Park Lane, in London. But why should you get involved? Why Amanda Campbell-White cares about your voice as a student.

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Amanda Campbell-White

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"The final Brexit deal seems to be inching closer to completion. However, whether you voted for Leave or Remain, we should recognise that the vote on the referendum should not mean that we give up on making our next steps democratic: we want a vote on the final deal, too. The People’s Vote is about respecting the referendum decision, but asking for further say from all of Britain about what happens with the deal that shapes our future – for this reason, it isn’t about what vote you cast in 2016. Numerous institutions, students, families and communities across the country are requesting the People’s Vote. Both sides of the Brexit debate should want to HAVE A SAY as to how the deal looks for ALL OF US!

There is still so much to be done before Brexit is to happen and a lot of uncertainty. I want this vote because I personally I don’t want someone else deciding how my future is going to look without my input. This deal is important to me to make sure we can have our say on to how Britain will look for all of us and how Brexit will affect all our futures!

A Chelmsford society over Fresher’s created this Brexometer that shows some student opinions on how Brexit is going so far, regardless of their original vote. No vote is a wrong vote, but clearly there are a lot of people with a voice. There will be a People’s Vote March on Saturday 20th October 2018 at 12pm Park Lane, in London. If you want more info on the event look here."



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Tessa Byars
6:05pm on 17 Oct 18 No-one, whether Leave or Remain, voted for the lunacy of a disorderly Brexit, and as the Government seems incapable of squaring the circle over Northern Ireland (which does matter) the dangers of us crashing out without a deal are massive, impacting on the whole economy for years to come (at least 50 according to Jacob Rees Mogg!), and having a huge effect on students'futures in particular. A People's Vote is not anti-democratic when the realities of either a soft, or hard,Brexit were never spelt out, and when the Government cannot reach a workable consensus. If you care about the removal of your current rights and privileges to study, work and travel unimpeded anywhere in the EU, about environmental protections and workers' rights, not to mention the NHS which is already being damaged and is at real threat of even more back door privatisation after Brexit, demand a say in YOUR future. Join the People's Vote march this Saturday 20th October in London.
Amanda Campbell-White
4:15pm on 17 Oct 18 A further note from the author of this article: it is important to recognise that NUS and UCU support this People's Vote march. You can find statements here: and
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