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Eight reasons to love the Elections this Valentine’s Day

As love is in the air, here’s why you should be sharing the love with us, ARU Students’ Union and the Elections!

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As Valentine's Day is here, and the closing date for nominations for the Elections grows ever closer, we wanted to share some love with you guys. Remember that the closing date for nominations is the 4th March at 12:00 so if you want to nominate yourself or someone else, make sure you get it in soon! So why should you be loving the Elections?


The Election is happening right now!

We give you guys the opportunity to run your SU – what can be more exciting than that? Right up until the 13th February, you can nominate yourself or someone you know to stand for Election, either for one of the full time roles as an Executive Officer, or one of the part time roles as a Faculty or Campaign Rep. These roles are extremely important in shaping the democracy of ARU, and we’re so excited to see who the new Executive Committee will be to run things next year!


There is a position to suit anyone: full-time or part-time

There are so many positions to stand for. The full time positions of President and Vice President are ideal for those who want to be more involved with ARU Students’ Union, and have the opportunity to run their SU. However, if you wanted to study while making a difference, one of the part time roles is most likely for you. There are Faculty Reps for each faculty, as well as Campaign Reps (LGBT+, Women’s, international, Black and Minority Ethnic, Trans*, Disabled). 


Being a Campaign Rep is a really rewarding experience! 

Having the opportunity to represent a minority group as a Campaign Rep, such as International students, Black and Minority Ethnic students, Disabled students, LGBT+ students, Trans students, and Women, is a unique opportunity. You will be an extremely important part of the Executive Committee, making changes happen that directly impact your minority community. Share the love!


The opportunity to be a Faculty Rep is fantastic! 

Perhaps you've already been a Course Rep, or you're just really interested in having a say on how your faculty works. Then being a Faculty Rep is the perfect position for you to apply for. It is a chance for you to listen to all the Course Reps in your faculty and make changes happen. Spread the love for your faculty!


You can get involved even without standing!

You can get involved simply by voting during voting week (14th-20th March) for the candidates you want to see run ARU Students’ Union. Voting is so important, as a candidate could win by a single vote. Maybe one of your friends is standing, or you strongly agree with one of the candidates; if so, you could help them to campaign and spread their face all over campus!


You get to be the change you want to see!

By standing in the Election, it gives you the opportunity to get your voice and the voice of the students heard. If there’s something you’re really passionate about, get your opinions heard by standing for one of the many positions! You can also make change happen by voting for the candidates you think will make the best Executive Committee.


The Election is completely led by you guys!

From standing, to campaigning, and then voting, the Election is all you! You guys put a lot of hard work into your nominations and campaigns, and have to make some tough decisions when it comes to voting time. Everyone who gets involved deserves a massive pat on the back!


We hope you're loving the Elections as much as us; we can’t wait to find out who the new Executive Committee is!




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