Faculty Rep

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Faculty Reps represent the student voice in their faculty and bring together big picture feedback. 


 This is a part-time, voluntary campus-based role which is designed to run alongside your studies.

To be eligible for a Faculty Rep role in The Election 2021 you must: 

  • Be a registered student at ARU for the entire 2021/2022 academic year;
  • Belong to the faculty the role represents;
  • Belong to the campus the role represents

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All Faculty Reps will

  • act as a member of the Faculty Voice Committee;
  • support all campaigns organised by the Union;
  • attend and support Faculty Forums to gather views, opinions, ideas and feedback;
  • implement ideas and projects to improve the experience of students within the faculty;
  • provide effective academic representation;
  • prepare for and attend Faculty Partnership Team meetings and Faculty Education Committee; and
  • act as a deputy for the relevant Vice President when appropriate.

All members of the Executive Committee will

  • represent students; attend and support all democratic meetings and gather student views, opinions, ideas and feedback;
  • work in the direction of the vision, mission, values and strategic priorities of the Students’ Union;
  • work to maximise communication with students;
  • encourage participation in Union activities, in particular act as a champion for meetings, elections and campaigns;
  • represent individuals, groups and the body of students to the University, National Union of Students, community and policy forming bodies, including attending meetings of such organisations;
  • champion liberation, equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • attend training courses and other opportunities for personal and professional development;
  • attend meetings as appropriate to plan activities and review progress; and
  • comply with all regulations, policies and protocols of the Union.

AHSS Faculty Rep

HEMS Faculty Rep

S&E Faculty Rep 

B&L Faculty Rep

Faculty Reps are members of the Executive Committee and are expected to attend an FVC (Faculty Voice Committee) meeting once a month to work alongside the Officer Team and other Faculty Reps. Together they are responsible for drawing together themes/issues across faculties, setting the direction of the Union and implementing ideas and policy.

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