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Ten reasons to love ARU Students’ Union

As part of the NUS campaign #LoveSUs, we share with you why you should love your SU!

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On Friday 26th January, it is officially the NUS #LoveSUs Day of Action. So we’re going to share with you ten reasons why you should love ARU Students’ Union – because we’re pretty awesome!


1. We are run by students for students.




ARU Students’ Union is entirely run by students. Yes, we have staff members working behind the scenes to help you guys out, but it’s what you, the students, want that lies at the very heart of what we do. From the very top with our President and Vice Presidents, to our Minority Reps, Faculty Reps, and Course Reps, to the student body itself, it is your feedback which runs this organisation!


2. We organise some awesome events!




We have loads going on all the time! The Give it a Go events are the perfect opportunities to go somewhere new or try out a new skill or hobby. We also have club nights, and other interesting events going on, which you can track from the Events Calendar.


3. We have loads of societies!




For some people, societies make their university experience. At ARU Students’ Union, there are loads of societies to choose from to join, ranging from Arts and Crafts to Coffee Lovers, as well as cultural and course based societies – there is something for everyone!


4. We make it possible for you to make your own society!




And if you can’t find a society you want to join, you can start your own! We will help you with the whole process, and running a society is a fantastic skill to put on your CV!


5. We’re concerned about your welfare.




We have an entire campaign dedicated to mental health, as well as running regular de-stress events. We know how stressful uni can be, and we want to help you as much as we can.


6. We offer a free advice service!




If you are struggling and want some guidance, we offer a free and confidential advice service, which is completely independent of the university.


7. We have some great spaces on our campuses!




With our new location on the Cambridge campus, and our in-progress space at Chelmsford, we offer you guys some great places to hang out, do some work, or just relax after your lectures.


8. We campaign on your behalf for the things that matter!




Our Executive Committee are constantly campaigning for course related issues and wider issues which affect students. We want to make university a better place for all our students, and we work hard to get there.


9. We can help you get involved with some brilliant volunteering opportunities!




If you’re looking to get some experience, or wanted to help out in the community, we can help you find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you. You can also log your hours and skills, and we give you awards (yay!)   


10. Because we love you!




You guys are at the heart of everything we do. We think you’re absolutely fab, and hope you think we are too!


Share the love, and tell us how much you #LoveSUs!


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