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What does your SU Staff team think?

Your SU Staff Team recently met to discuss their priorities...

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Nat, Ahrany and Izzie

On Monday 5th October, the London Students' Union Staff Team, the Director of Advocacy & Engagement and the CEO braved the outside world to discuss what we thought the next 5 years could hold for ARU London Students' Union.

We tried to answer the following questions;

1. What is our unique selling point as a Students' Union?

2. What is the biggest challenge we are facing?

3. If our budget was tripled, what would we spend it on?

4. If we could recruit one more member of staff to the team, what would their role be? What about 5 new members?

5. What does the future of student representation look like at ARU London?


After hours (many hours!) of really interesting, honest and encouraging conversation we noticed some key themes coming through as a team.

We loved how niche our Students' Union is, and how simple we try to be.

We recognised the value in our Advice Service, and spoke about how we would want to expand this and be able to offer more practical support for students.

We discussed our representation systems, and talked through the possibilities of working in closer partnership with the university, whilst keeping our independence.

We considered how effective the Vice President role could be with just two-days a week representing 8000 students.

But ultimately, we all agreed that embedding employability skills within everything we do was a vital step moving forwards.

There is a lot of work for us to do, and our opinions are just a small part of what will make this 5 year development plan work. We need your opinions, ideas, challenge, to make this a truly student-led piece of work.

If you are interested in getting involved with #Project5, and would like to develop skills in negotiation, strategy, reporting and communication, please get in touch.

Megan Bennett -

ARU London Students' Union Manager


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