Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and Recognition


Volunteer Awards

To recognise all your commitment and dedication to volunteering we have created the Volunteering Awards! By logging your volunteering hours and skills as a Community Volunteer, Rep or as a Committee Member of a Club or Society, you will be able to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold Volunteer Award:




Award Criteria

Bronze: 25-49 hours and 4 skills from separate skills categories

Silver: 50-99 hours and 6 skills from separate skills categories

Gold: 100+ hours and 10 skills from separate skills categories


Once you have achieved an award, you will be notified via your student email. Volunteer Award certificates will be available to recieve at the end of each semester, or can be requested at any time. Please note that our Volunteer Awards can be contributed towards between 1st August and 31st July.

To start working towards your next Volunteering Award, start logging your hours and skills and skills now:


Log My Hours and Skills


Skills Transcript

The hours and skills you record will also go onto an automatically created and individualised Skills Transcript, alongside a record of any volunteer awards you have achieved. This personal record creates a log of all your volunteering experiences which you can help you reflect on everything you have achieved and learnt, can help you write your CV and help you to prepare for future job interviews. The Skills Transcript is also an essential tool in helping you complete your self-reflection assessment in any volunteer based modules you are completing on your course.

Your experiences will make you make you stand out from the crowd and increase your employability. To download your personalised Skills Transcript, please click on the tab below:


Download My Skills Transcript


Volunteers of the Month

Have you, or a fellow Anglia Ruskin University student gone above and beyond what is expected of them by demonstrating exceptional commitment, dedication or effort in their volunteering role? Have they made a difference to their own life or to the lives of others and made measureable change or impact? Do they volunteer in the local community, as an elected representative or an elected committee member of a Club or Society? If so, please nominate them for one of the following Volunteer of the Month Awards!


To discover our recent Volunteer of the Month Winners and to nominate a student today, click the tab below:


Volunteers Of The Month


Anglia Ruskin Employability Programme

Once you have logged your skills and hours, take the next step onto the Anglia Ruskin Employability Programme and get a free accredited qualification from the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM). To learn more about the Programme and learn how to get started, click the tab below:


Anglia Ruskin Employability Programme


Vice Chancellor's Student Leader Award

The Vice Chancellor's Student Leader Award is awarded annually to 6 exceptional students who have dedicated thier time to extra-curricular activities whilst studying at Anglia Ruskin University. As a volunteer, you are able to demonstrate your work through our Volunteering Awards and the Anglia Ruskin Employability Award. The award is worth £1000 and you will receive a framed certificate at your graduation ceremony. To learn more, click the tab below:


Vice Chancellor's Student Leader Award


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