The Students’ Union is growing in Tindal building!

The story so far…

from your 16-17 President, Leigh Rooney


  1. Office Move Proposal
    Mid 2016
  2. Student Consultation
    Feb 2017
  3. Building work begins
    Oct 2017
  4. SU opens
    Mar 2018

The Students’ Union has developed a new strategic plan to guide our next phase of development. Over 3,000 students have clearly outlined their expectations to us and whilst academic representation and welfare support remain priority areas of activity, students expect us to engage with them on a personal level, build a community and support them to realise their ambitions.


Our vision for the sense of community on the Chelmsford campus:

To significantly improve the student experience and learning community at ARU Chelmsford we must reach and connect with all students on this campus. Our membership research and strategic planning this year has identified development of our student groups and volunteers (Student Reps) as the most impactful and efficient way to achieve this personal connection with all students.

With this in mind our goal in our next three year strategic plan is to significantly increase the numbers of students actively holding leadership roles in the Students’ Union; and through these volunteers connect and transform the lives of all students. A clear and tangible example of how this will be achieved is the development of Course Societies for every course at ARU. These societies will facilitate learning and development both outside and alongside the curriculum.

Our aim is closely aligned to the Corporate Plan Goal 3 to achieve a target of 50% of students involved in Clubs, Societies, Volunteering and Student Representation. Finding adequate space for those 50% of students to gather and build a sense of community within themselves is a key strategic issue facing both ARU and the Students’ Union.

In order for these student groups and individuals to operate and connect with the entire student body, adequate space is required. These students will require open and accessible collaborative spaces, coming together in a space that all students call their own. 


Tindal ground floor