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Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Society is responsible for inspiring, educating, cheerleading and doing everything and anything possible to support student entrepreneurs at Anglia Ruskin University.

Put simply, our mission is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurial talent in Anglia Ruskin University and make it the UK’s best place for kick-ass student starters.

Our mission is simply this: We aim to Inspire, Encourage and Develop Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. We will do what ever it takes to accomplish this, but can not do it without your support!

How? It’s simple. We organise extra-curricular events, competitions and business support services for budding student entrepreneurs who have great ideas and want to make it happen at ARU.

If you’ve got a great idea but don’t know where to turn or what to do next, we’re here to help!

Check out our Website which contains much more information regarding events, sponsors, opportunities and resources for enterprise and entrepreneurial individuals.

Website: http://angliaruskinenterprisesociety.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AngliaRuskinEnterpriseSociety
All our events and workshops are published to our newsletter, please Sign up to our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bsgQF9

Membership types:

Standard Membership - is for students of Anglia Ruskin University

Associate Membership - is for NON-students. This is for ex-students and people from the public.



Stay Enterprising!

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Anglia Ruskin Students' Union is a company limited by guarantee and a charity registered in England and Wales. Registered Company No. 08064796 and Registered Charity No. 1148574. The registered office of Anglia Ruskin Students' Union is Peter Taylor House, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

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