Society Finance

Society Finance


Here you can find the infomation you need to know to get to grips with society finance.

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Extra Funding Opportunities



As Committee Members you can request the balance of your membership and grant account at any time from your Activities Coordinator or from the SU Reception

Do not spend money without checking your accounts first

With agreement from your fellow committee members you can purchase items for the Society and get reimbursed 

Before any large scale events, a meeting must happen with your campus specific Activities Coordinator or the Activities Manager

Keep all receipts from purchases as no returns can be given without clear receipts 

No question is a stupid question

Membership Account 

This account can be used to purchase items to benefit the Society and all of its members but not to benefit individuals.

Grant Account

This account is where the grant you recieve from the SU goes into.

The money you have been allocated can only be spent on the items that were approved and MUST be spent by the deadline given.

You are unable to spend money allocated in one area on another area. E.g Money allocated on travel can't be used to buy refreshments.


We can help...

You should contact your relevant society coordinator before making any payments as:

  • Coordinators may be able to make payments for you directly out of your societies account (Membership/ Grant) so that you're never out of pocket. Use us to your benefit, thats what we are here for!
  • Coordinators will work with you on activities to ensure that your income and expenditure within your accounts remains healthy.
  • Coordinators can help you work out the best way to pay, maybe you can use your Grant and you didn't know you could.
Abi Dolan
Societies and Activities Coordinator (Cambridge)

Gareth Thomson
Societies and Activities Coordinator (Chelmsford)

Meg De Pasquale-Crighton
Course Based Societies Coordinator (Cambridge)


Extra funding available:

Green Fund: The Green Fund is an initiative that allows Societies to gain rewards for ensuring their activities are environmentally friendly. By working closely with the University Environmental Team, Societies can educate themselves and those around them about how ARU is proud to be a green University. Find out more info here

University Arts Council: The University Arts Council exists to enrich the cultural life of students, staff and the wider University community by providing financial support for, and encouraging involvement in, a wide variety of creative arts activities. Music, photography, drama, visual arts, literature, crafts, film, digital technologies, displays, workshops, performances, exhibits. and more. In fact, almost anything that involves creative arts! Click here for more info


Course Leader Fund: The fund is designed to enable and encourage additional, optional activities to add value to the student experience. The Course Leader can bid for up to £500 per course, or £750 if the activity is designed to increase student retention. This fund is used by your Course Leader, but societies are encouraged to speak to their course leaders to discuss how the society and course can collaborate on an event. The more creative the better!

Speak to Meg De Pasquale-Crighton - Course Based Societies Coordinator (Cambridge) ( to find out more. 


Can't find what your looking for? Speak to your Coordinator or take a look though our very important forms!



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