My Representatives

My Representatives


Becoming a Rep is a great way to work with other students and staff at all levels of the University to make positive change.


Reps are students, elected by fellow students, who work to champion the views and interests of students. They provide an essential link between the students and the Students' Union and the University by listening to YOUR VOICE. At Anglia Ruskin University, over 600 of our students volunteer their time to be a Rep in up to 3 of the following roles:


All positions, apart from our Executive Officers are part-time and voluntary. All of these Reps have a seat and a vote at Student Council, the main policy-making body of the Students' Union to implent the change you would like to see. You can also submit an idea to Student Council directly by going to the Student Council Page.


How do Reps act upon my feedback?

Your Representatives have a responsibility to listen to your feedback and then present these at various meetings throughout the University, presenting to your Course Leaders, Lecturers, Faculty Dean, all the way up to the Vice Chancellor. Actions are then drawn to overcome and improve an issue, ensuring the best academic quality of your course and your maximising your Univeristy experience. Below is the committee structure:

To find out more about what is discussed at each of these meetings and which Reps represent you at each one, click here.


How Can I Become a Rep?

As a Rep you are able to hold a maximum of three different roles: Course Rep, one Campaign/Faculty/Postgraduate Research Rep role and National Conference Delegate.

By becoming a Rep you will benefit from experience and opportunities which will help you to develop key employability skills including communication, negotiation, problem solving and strategic thinking within the following tasks:

  • Gathering feedback from students using a variety of tools.
  • Presenting feedback impartially in University meetings.
  • Working in partnership to find and negotiate solutions to issues.
  • Communicate feedback with students on their course.


Executive Officers and Campaign Reps are elected during our annual Executive Elections in March. Course Reps, Faculty Reps, Postgraduate Research Reps and National Conference Delegates are elected at the start of the year in October. To nominate yourself as a candidate, please look out for information on the website in the build up to the above election times. To find out more about each role, please click on the tabs above.

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