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We haven't been able to re-direct you to the correct page. There are potentially a number of different reasons for this.
Have a look at the common questions and answers below, which will hopefully help you.
Are you using a Guest Account to log in to this website?
  • You’re using a guest account to log in to our website, when a student logs in to our website we match their account name with the data (course name etc.) we hold on them and then re-direct them to the relevant page. If you're using a guest account that you created yourself we can't match it to any data and can't re-direct you to the right page.
However, if you HAVE logged in using a student account (the same one you use for the library PCs or the WiFi for example) these answers below may help you.
  • Have you registered for this academic year? Every year all students, new and old, are required to register or re-register for their course through e:vision. The Monday morning following registration or re-registration we receive a spread-sheet containing the course details of every student. This data goes into our system and we use it to direct students to the correct pages on our website. If you haven't registered or re-registered yet (or have done so in the last few days) we won't have your information and won't be able to direct you to the correct page on our website. 
  • Are you from a partner college or from CRIC? Unfortunately students at partner colleges (including partner colleges on core campuses like CRIC in Cambridge) are not members of the Students' Union, this means we don't receive any information about you from the University, can't add you to our system and can't direct you to the relevant page on our website. See more about why CRIC students are not our members here.
  • Have you opted out of the Students’ Union? You're automatically a member of the Students' Union unless you choose not to be and 'opt out'. When you registered or re-registered through e:vision you had to tick a box confirming your membership of the Students' Union (don't worry you won't have missed it as you can't register for University without ticking the box), however after you have completed registration you're given the option to opt out of the Students' Union, you may have done this. No hard feelings you can opt back in by emailing, please note this may take a week or so to take effect.

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