Policing Rep Induction

Policing Course Rep Online Induction


Below is the Metropolitan Police & 7 Forces Online Rep Induction - This should take around half an hour to complete.

ONLY complete this training if you are a Metropolitan Police or 7 Forces Course Rep.

If you are NOT Metropolitan Police or 7 Forces Course Rep, please click here to be redirected to your training. 

If you have any issues accessing or completing the training, please contact the Engagement Manager; Emma Howes e.howes@angliatsudent.com


Policing Rep Induction

Welcome to the self-guided Online Course Rep Induction. There are four sections in this induction, with a video to watch and questions to complete in each before moving on to the next. Please answer all questions before attempting to continue.

If you have any questions or issues with completing this training, please contact your Rep Coordinator.