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So, how does it work?

1. First of all, submit your idea 

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3. Once you hit this, your idea is turned into a Big Idea and taken to your Executive Officer Team to take forward with you.


As long as your idea is something the Students’ Union is able to work with (we can’t help you get free McDonalds every Monday, for example), and depending on its complexity (or controversy, we do like a bit controversy…) it is then taken to one of the following groups:

  • Executive Committee
  • The Ideas Forum
  • A Student Members meeting 

Providing it is not something that has already been done before, negatively affects other students or staff, or is simply just too outrageous, then we will get in touch with you to figure out what our next steps will be together

We will then put the idea into action and regularly monitor its progress and keep everyone updated as regularly as we can


It might be that your idea should become a Students’ Union policy. If a policy is passed at Student Council or an All Student Meeting we are mandated to work by it. If this is the case, don’t worry, we will help you put that together.

So, what are you waiting for? Get submitting ideas and get liking any others that you think are important!



I've got no idea!

I've got no idea!

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    Free graduation guest fee

      Graduating students should have their guests come for their graduation ceremony without paying 25 pounds each for their seats. For example the 3 guests seats should be free but if the graduating student want more guests then the student will pay for the extra guest
    Hannah Chan
    2:49pm on 30 Nov 16 One of my friends isn't planning on going to his because he can't afford it. They raised a point that they are paying a lot of money to shake someone's hand, as they receive their degree in the post.
    James Morgans
    4:05pm on 30 Nov 16 Great idea, The fact we pay £45 to hire a gown for a day is bad enough without our families being charged to watch us achieve with the promise of cheap prosecco and a handful of chocolates
    Nathalie Catherine Reeve
    12:59pm on 1 Dec 16 I definitely agree, even if 2 seats are free (parents) and others the same price... or even lowering the price for seats
    Suneiza Ferreira
    4:05pm on 11 Dec 16 At least 2 guests should be able to go free! or at least pay less !
    Precious Nwanze
    4:22pm on 16 Dec 16 Thanks for supporting this idea. I spoke to the Vice-Chancellor about this idea, he said if there is more demand for free graduation guest fee then he will look into an alternative budget where he can generate graduation expenses. Coventry University and Liverpool Hope University offer 2 free guest seats to their graduating students. Recently, Sunderland University submitted this idea and their proposal has been passed and approved by Sunderland University. As part of my strategic move I will be using some of Sunderland University SU strategic plan. I have contacted them and I am waiting for the papers which they promised to send to me as soon as possible. I will keep you updated in the New Year…….
    Tze Chea
    10:21am on 19 Jan 17 As an opinion of an international student, we wanted to have a memorable graduation ceremony just like everybody else, while studying abroad isn't easy for any of us either. We have to always consider about the unstable currencies exchange, and many others internal and external factors, struggle to finish our studies on time. In the meantime, by just attending the graduation we ourselves have to hire gown for at least £45, not to forget we have to fly our family over to attend our *once in a lifetime* graduation ceremony. There are so many premeditated expenses (travel, accommodation, food and etc.) , and why do we still have to pay for guest fee as well? I think at least 2-3 guest fees should be exempted after all, since this is our own graduation ceremony and we deserve it.
    Nathalie Catherine Reeve
    11:48am on 19 Jan 17 We all pay £9000 a year to go to uni, surely we should deserve to have at least 2 guests possibly 3 at our graduation free and that doesnt then mean that the ticket prices should go up for those having to pay.
    Angeline Lee
    1:54pm on 19 Jan 17 I think it should be free for guests especially for international students as our guests (parents, friends) fly over from overseas and have had to pay for their flight tickets and guest fee should be exempted for us and them. We international students have paid so much (from £9600 in first year to 3rd at £11500) for our tuition fees and I think it's only fair the uni exempts us and our guests (at least first 5 guests) for the graduation guest fee.
    Dhruvi Patel
    4:11pm on 19 Jan 17 We are paying £9000 a year! It's only fair to let 2 guest in for free!
    Johanna Tuominen
    7:32am on 18 Apr 17 It should be already like this! The fact that your relatives or just parents are travelling to your graduation and paying for the accommodation is going to take a lot of money not even talking about that they have to pay extra to see their child graduating who alone had to pay a degree and a graduation process on top with all the fees...
    Precious Nwanze
    2:44pm on 23 May 17 Recently had a meeting with the University graduation team,the graduation guest fee will not be free neither will they reduce it, but the graduation team will try their best to make sure our guest enjoy the worth of their money. The graduation team said the reason for this decision is because the university don't make any gain/profit from the graduation guest fee.If anyone have a suggestion on what the graduation team should do to make it good value for money please let me know.


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