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So, how does it work?

1. First of all, submit your idea 

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3. Once you hit this, your idea is turned into a Big Idea and taken to your Executive Officer Team to take forward with you.


As long as your idea is something the Students’ Union is able to work with (we can’t help you get free McDonalds every Monday, for example), and depending on its complexity (or controversy, we do like a bit controversy…) it is then taken to one of the following groups:

  • Executive Committee
  • The Ideas Forum
  • A Student Members meeting 

Providing it is not something that has already been done before, negatively affects other students or staff, or is simply just too outrageous, then we will get in touch with you to figure out what our next steps will be together

We will then put the idea into action and regularly monitor its progress and keep everyone updated as regularly as we can


It might be that your idea should become a Students’ Union policy. If a policy is passed at Student Council or an All Student Meeting we are mandated to work by it. If this is the case, don’t worry, we will help you put that together.

So, what are you waiting for? Get submitting ideas and get liking any others that you think are important!



I've got no idea!

I've got no idea!

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    SU permanent bar on cambridge campus!

      Not only do i have a valid interest in having a permanent bar on campus but it would make a lot of people's lives easier if we had one! We all love to unwind, chill and have a drink with friends at a bar so lets get a permanent bar for Cambridge! We can facilitate as we do with providing non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to suit everyone's needs and wishes. We can offer student friendly prices and we help get student societies and students together at events led by the SU as well as students!
    Jessica Hunter
    1:53pm on 28 Nov 16 Love this idea and completely agree! Having a perminant bar would really make it easier for student to unwind in a safe and comfortable space ran by the SU!
    Edward Reason
    1:59pm on 28 Nov 16 Yes please
    Stewart Watson
    2pm on 28 Nov 16 People have said that no one would use it, but if it was open from 4pm onwards and had the same prices we currently use in the SU Bar. I reckon a lot more students would use it as apposed to the "official ARU Pub" with it's way too expensive drinks
    Laura Gibson
    2:02pm on 28 Nov 16 Such a great idea! Would love to see a permanent bar space for students!
    Liam Barker
    2:03pm on 28 Nov 16 A permanent bar would allow staff to work more effectivley due to having an environment which does not require extra time to setup/pack down, having to familiarise with different setups, and it would be more attractive to students as it would be a designated space.
    Simon Bell
    2:07pm on 28 Nov 16 This is way overdue - Anothing thing to look at is this would also give a bit more space in the societies cupboard allowing them to store more things / Benefit more societies too.
    Henry Barrow
    2:13pm on 28 Nov 16 Fantastic idea! Is what the university needs.
    James Robert McClenaghan
    2:16pm on 28 Nov 16 Great idea!
    James Morgans
    2:21pm on 28 Nov 16 Great idea, It's horrible craving a pint and having to pay extortionate prices for the pleasure. Also means that there's always a social place to chill out at where alcohol is available!
    Harrison Forsyth
    2:28pm on 28 Nov 16 Would be an awesome idea! Great idea
    Tom Etheridge
    2:54pm on 28 Nov 16 Great idea
    Christopher Wills
    3:29pm on 28 Nov 16 This is a wonderful idea as it would in theory allow students to save money and in the long run it would provide an income for ARU also it would allow ARU to compete with other universities, on all the open days I have worked the most common question I was asked was do we have an SU bar?
    Amanda Campbell White
    4:05pm on 28 Nov 16 I agree! And because we dont have a permamanet bar only our little pop up one people are unaware of it. Even though our bar as it is, is popular we need more and we as students want more with a permanent bar and space fundamentally just for the bars use. Not only this but we need this permanent bar space and faculty for ALL STUDENTS to use for events, societies and other student led activities.
    Amos Asare-Thompson
    4:50pm on 28 Nov 16 Brilliant idea. Appeals to the maximum amount of students because frankly a cheap place to drink is always a good place to a student. This will allow the SU for social event for societies that run outside of term time for members who can't go home during the holidays. The permanent bar also creates jobs which students are desperate for. I see 0 downside, i would work to see this a reality and work to see it continues a reality once established.
    Jakub Marciniak
    8:25pm on 28 Nov 16 great idea! this would free up a lot of space in the cupboard for a start, which helps AMT a bunch. it also makes people in the uni aware that there is a bar in uni!
    Edward Jensen
    8:28pm on 28 Nov 16 A permanent bar would be so useful for clubs and society's and for a social space for students
    Manjoth Sanghera
    8:40pm on 28 Nov 16 Every other uni has one, it would make ours more social and people would be more inclined to come to SU nights :)
    Eleanor Myhill
    8:40pm on 28 Nov 16 ARU needs this so much. It would make our university more socially attractive to new students. Compared to other universities ARU is severely lacking a lively SU bar.
    Sarah Dorey
    9pm on 28 Nov 16 This is such a good idea! It would make ARU more of a social hub and everyone loves a good drink too! Definitely recommended!
    Craig Ireton
    10:55pm on 28 Nov 16 Would be a great idea, especially if prices continued to be cheap!
    Saskia Jones
    6:40am on 29 Nov 16 Completely agree that this would be a great idea and really beneficial to the SU and students/ clubs/ societies etc.
    Leon Alfredo Staffa
    12:01pm on 29 Nov 16 Fantastic idea... and way overdue!!!
    Thomas Johnson
    12:38pm on 29 Nov 16 Very overdue, great idea
    Claire Ceraline
    12:48pm on 29 Nov 16 Yay!!!!!
    Kerry Lambourne
    12:48pm on 29 Nov 16 This is such a brilliant idea! Together we can make this change happen and have a chilled out uni bar ?????
    Georgina Weatherell
    1:06pm on 29 Nov 16 Love this idea! As a first year student I think it would have made it so much easier to meet new people if we had a permanent bar and social space with it that clubs, societies and all students could make their own!
    Domininkas Zalys
    1:14pm on 29 Nov 16 Great idea, really overdue, would make our uni so much more appealing and a better place in general for students to unwind and have fun.
    Sarah-Jane Hounsell
    1:30pm on 29 Nov 16 Always said Cos cafe needs to be SU bar ~ food! bar, stage etc downstairs! chill out zone up stairs. We study 24/7 so bar zone should be available 24/7 ~ obs alcohol within licensing but no harm in machines for nice hot choc and snacks!
    Joseph McConnell
    1:32pm on 29 Nov 16 It would be a place central in Cambridge to have a drink. Would be good if it was cheap too!
    Renata Dory
    3:10pm on 29 Nov 16 Goooo
    Sophie Elizabeth Pettit
    3:14pm on 29 Nov 16 Good idea :) this should get done!
    Charlie Kendrick
    3:15pm on 29 Nov 16 Would really love a permanent bar! It would be great for all students but also for the student union. I worked for the student union and putting up that bar was such a difficult and long job.
    Benjamin Parker
    3:24pm on 29 Nov 16 Great idea! Let's get it sorted :)
    Anthony Rubery
    3:25pm on 29 Nov 16 Great idea! Would be sick to have a permanent bar! Also would be great to have a permanent stage and sound system
    Elin Brady
    3:25pm on 29 Nov 16 Yes yes yes!!!!!!
    Llywelyn Rhodes
    3:28pm on 29 Nov 16 Yes please! Add a pool table with it and maybe a tv/music. UEA has a bar in Norwich and it's fantastic and well used. :)
    Tamsin Dyer
    3:31pm on 29 Nov 16 Brilliant! Why don't we have one already is the question?!
    Polina Lizunkova
    3:31pm on 29 Nov 16 Great idea! Hope it would come with a pool table too! )
    Eleanor Swan
    3:38pm on 29 Nov 16 Yes please!!!!!!!!
    Allison Pitcher
    3:38pm on 29 Nov 16 Great idea! Would be more beneficial and easier to have a bar on campus!
    Ahmad Alshebailat
    3:51pm on 29 Nov 16 Very nice place :) lovely and friendly stuff , I had very fun times there. Good luck guys and keep it up
    William Muckley
    3:53pm on 29 Nov 16 Great idea for a new social meeting point.
    Joe Topham
    3:55pm on 29 Nov 16 Great idea, beer on tap. Not in cans
    Rebecca Cave
    3:58pm on 29 Nov 16 Love it!! Lets do this!
    Joe Chapman
    Matthew Reeves
    4pm on 29 Nov 16 Yes yes yes
    Hannah Chan
    4:24pm on 29 Nov 16 Not on Cambridge campus but a permanent bar would provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone :). Would also be easier for the SU to run events
    Isabella Hilton
    11:07am on 30 Nov 16 Alcohol is great at any time of the year!
    Sonia Hammond
    12:01pm on 30 Nov 16 This is a fantastic idea. It could be a great way of getting students together to discuss ideas and generate more interest in the SU.
    Shona Mitchell
    1:09pm on 30 Nov 16 Great
    Alexander Beilby
    1:45pm on 30 Nov 16 Great idea, it would benefit university life in many ways, both academic and socially
    Anton Judemanoharan
    1:48pm on 30 Nov 16 This is a really good idea! Why hasn't it been done already??! The university needs something like this!
    Hannah Stolp-Joseph
    3pm on 30 Nov 16 Great idea, yes please!!
    Katie-Rose McGuire
    5:30pm on 1 Dec 16 I think a SU building/bar would be fantastic. Why on earth do we not have one? If it were on campus it would be perfect
    Lisa Strömberg
    8:20pm on 2 Dec 16 This is a really good idea, all students would make the most of it!
    Jamie Smith
    12:57pm on 6 Dec 16 Hi all; thanks for your comments! Please can you continue to like a share this. We will be taking this forward and will keep everyone updated. Thanks, Jamie
    Faith Farrant
    12:24pm on 7 Dec 16 The best idea ! Ever seriously
    Daniel Grant
    12:26pm on 7 Dec 16 Good idea!! Very fun and will be good for my otherwise empty social life :D
    Maria Tsiappouli
    1:10pm on 7 Dec 16 I thinks that's a great idea!!!
    Jamie Smith
    11:57am on 3 Mar 17 Hi all! Just updating that I've written a report and am taking this to our internal union meeting to discuss and after that it will be taken to the university! EXCITING


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