Candidate Forms

Candidate Forms

All candidates in The Election 2021 will need to read through the Candidate Pack and complete any relevant paperwork. The full pack must be reviewed using the online submission form below. You will need to read through the pack in its entirety before 26th February at 12:00pm to understand the requirements for the role you have applied for so don't wait! Some candidates may be required to make an appointment with a Faculty Adviser or the International Office and you may run out of time if you wait until the deadline.  

The following items in the pack need to be read by all Candidates: 

The following items in the pack are due before 26th February at 12:00pm for Full-Time Candidates ONLY: - 

  • Trustee Declaration Form - PDF, Word
  • Agreement to Intermit (if required) - PDF, Word***
  • Visa Acknowledgment (if required) - PDF, Word 

***We know some of you have had issues in obtaining an appointment with the Faculty Advise Service, thank you for trying. We are aware that the student advice service is not accepting appointments at this time to discuss intermitting. However we ask that you email them to let them know that you would like more information. Please include your SID, course name and year of study to help them advise you. They should then send you an email outlining details around intermitting. You can instead include the date of the email response and name of the adviser that emailed you in the Agreement to Intermit form, rather than appointment information.

And the following item is due before 12th March at 12:00pm for ALL Candidates - 

You can either download the PDF versions above and attach your completed forms in an email to or complete them using the online form submission below. Using the form below, you have the option to save and continue later, but the entire thing must be read and submitted before 26 February at 12pm.