Students' Creating Success Together

We will make Anglia Ruskin a place where students create success together. 


What we’re here for

What we do day-to-day is the catalyst for students to realise their ambitions. By creating ways for students to collaborate with each other, run our societies, be leaders, campaign and volunteer their time we’re confident they will achieve their own version of success, whatever shape that takes. 

What is a Students' Union?

We're a charity that is run by elected ARU students. We're the recognised representative body for all core ARU students and represent them to both our University and to the wider world. As well as representing students we provide vital services such as advice, volunteering, society support, retail and events. 

We are a union of students and we understand how time spent with our University can transform lives. ARU Students’ Union has grown significantly during the past three years, building a solid foundation upon which to achieve an aspirational new vision.

We have five clear goals for the years ahead. These are;

  1. Actively listen to what students want and put their ideas into action to create positive change in our University.
  2. Improve the employability of our students through unique opportunities designed by us to develop confidence, skills and resilience.
  3. Support students to achieve academic success by working with ARU to create an inclusive, fair and ever improving learning environment.
  4. Proactively support students to thrive in an inclusive and welcoming environment.
  5. Create opportunities and deliver activities that make students proud to be part of the ARU community.

Read our strategy below