2019-20 Campaigns: Update on Digital Accessibility

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Accessibility CAMPAIGN WIN!!!!


Thank you for all your feedback, because of you, we are one step closer to making this institution a little more accessible.

After months of campaigning, the university has now made it compulsory for all teaching and learning content to be in an accessible format. Please see below the messaging that has gone out to all staff and has been uploaded onto the ARU staff bulletin.


AL&T accessible teaching materials

As a university with a diverse student population, we have a strong commitment to inclusion in learning and teaching.

All teaching materials should be accessible to students to help them learn best. This includes using a sans-serif font such as Arial, which is easier for readers with Dyslexia and other conditions to read. You should also ensure the colour contrast and size of your font is correct.

Anglia Learning and Teaching have created accessible templates to be used for teaching materials.

Accessible documents checklist

Further information can be found on the Anglia Learning and Teaching Inclusive learning and teaching webpages or dedicated Canvas site.


Hopefully, we will begin to see this change embedding into the university culture and ingrained into all faculties covering all aspects of learning.


No student should be left at a disadvantage.




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