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Your full-time elected officers for 2020/21

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So, who has been elected as the next Full Time Officer team at ARU Students’ Union?

Our president and Vice Presidents set the direction of the SU, making sure we are truly student led. They are the face of the SU and the voice of students in everything we do.

This will be the first time since 2006 that the SU has seen an entirely new Officer team and I’m sure it is a very exciting moment for our incoming Officers. A big thank you to all of our candidates for your patience, passion and creativity over the course of this election.


Vice President for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:

With 321 votes your Vice President elect for AHSS is Fatima Lakhani

About Fatima:

  • BA English Literature – final year
  • K-Pop society administrator
  • Manifesto includes: Hygiene and facilities on campus, sustainability improvements through reduced printing and plastic reduction, increased support for new international students.



Vice President for Business and Law:

Your new Vice President elect for B&L is Omkar Singh.

About Omkar

  • Masters in International Business
  • Manifesto includes: Improvements to canvas and e-vision, focus on university accommodation rent, mental health and wellbeing support, development of SU student societies



Vice president for Science and Engineering:

Emily Long, Emily received 454 votes and is the incoming Vice President for S&E.

About Emily:

  • BSc Marine Biology, Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Science and Engineering Faculty Rep
  • Vice President of the Underwater Society
  • Administrator for the Disney Society
  • Student staff – front desk Cambridge
  • Manifesto includes: Accessibility on campus, networking for science and engineering students, and sustainable campuses


Our last Vice president role is for the students of health, education, medicine and social care:

Our new Vice President elect for HEMS is Riya-Nareshkumar Gadhavi.

About Riya:

  • Masters in Public Health – Cambridge campus
  • Vice President of Indian Society
  • Manifesto includes: stable housing through the academic year especially for January students, sustainability and eco friendly campuses, and prioritising mental health for students


The last role in our Election 2020 results is SU President:

In this election our students cast 730 votes 

Your President elect for 2020/21 is: Avinash Miriyam.

About Avinash:

  • Masters in Film and Television Production
  • Course Rep
  • President of Indian Society
  • Manifesto includes: Accessibility on campus, Sustainability, and making maintenance costs manageable for new students.


Congratulations to the incoming team!


Riya-Nareshkumar Gadhavi
11:25pm on 25 Apr 20 Hi Adekunle - happy to discuss always but as Emma pointed out I will only be formally starting my position on the 1st of July. Otherwise you can reach me on LinkedIn as well:
Emma Howes
9:59am on 22 Apr 20 Hi Adekunle - The newly elected officers do not take up their roles until July. In the meantime you can find your current elected executive representatives here:
Maria Ionita
8:42am on 21 Apr 20 Hello. I am sure Riya would be very happy to talk to you. You can find her on Facebook
Adekunle Fadairo
11:05am on 15 Apr 20 Congratulations to the newly elected officers. How can I contact my faculty rep or Riya-Nareshkumar Ghadavi please.
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