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Your SU Award Winners 2019

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Representation Awards:

Education Impact Award: Joanna Falconer


Campaigner of the Year: Michael Turner  


Rep Honours: Alex Mead, Lara Carter, Olu Onasanya and Sara Hoxhaj


Rep of the Year: Tiegan Lawson


Volunteering Awards:

Volunteering Project of the Year: Cambridge Nightline.


Charity Fundraiser of the Year: Level Up! Gaming Society


Volunteering honours: Deborah George, Tokunbo Durosinmi and Melissa Wright.


Volunteer of the Year: Rebecca Cooper


Society Awards:

Best New Society: ARU Labour Students Society Cambridge


Most Improved Society: The International Business Society


Society Honours: Abbi Jordan-Bland and Emily Long.


Society Person of the Year: Bethany McLewin


Society of the Year award: Sustainability Society


Union Awards:

Environment Award: Claire White


Student Staff Awards:

Chelmsford: Meg Ball

Cambridge: Kaileb Bryant


Inclusivity Award: Niamh Cubitt and Michael Turner


Union Honours: Emily Long, Tiegan Lawson & Michael Turner.


Outstanding Contribution Award: Ben Morris



Oluwaseun Onasanya
11:25pm on 16 May 19 Thank you for the opportunity to serve, learn and grow. I so much love what I do, as it is a privilege not taken for granted. I dedicate my award to my creator and to all the students I represent. Cheers!
Tokunbo Durosinmi
11:20pm on 10 May 19 Thank you ARU Students Union,for giving us such an opportunity to learn, develop and become a human resource for London. I dedicate one of my personal quotes to all the volunteers, staff and leaders of ARU Students Union & ARUL. ''Yesterday told today, tomorrow will be better, just keep volunteering -brighter future.'' #Tokunbo Durosinmi quotes Twitter:@toksduro
Emma Howes
11:38am on 8 May 19 A huge well done to all of our fantastic winners. It has been a priviledge to work with so many of you, and see what you have acheived!
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