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Winning for AHSS (Course Rep Wins)

AHSS has had some massive wins because of the work of our wonderful Course Reps, read more about the achievements of your AHSS Reps here.

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Last year, Course Reps from all over the university made huge impacts. From course specific issues, to accessibly, to access, students worked with academic staff and the SU to improve their everyday experience. AHSS has had some massive wins because of the work of our wonderful Course Reps!


Online Learning

Our reps worked incredibly hard and were absolutely instrumental to adjusting to online learning. Reps met with the SU, Heads of School, and Course Leaders to voice concerns and suggest ways to improve online learning. The SU has been working with the University to make sure the approach to online learning for 20/21 has been built around that student feedback so the impact has been huge!


Email Volume

Last year, Course Reps raised an issue with the amount of emails being sent to students in AHSS, making it hard for some students to prioritize emails with important course information. This feedback was taken to the faculty and they have implemented a weekly email, and fixed an issue on Canvas that should dramatically reduce the number of emails students are receiving!


Supervision Hours

Course Reps last year raised the need for more supervision hours during their third year. This is a project that the University had been working on, but student feedback and recommendations made from Course Reps helped further the cause! Students have now been granted more supervision hours!


Home Licencing for Specific Software

Students being able to access specialized equipment, including specific software, was raised in both Tri1 and Tri2 Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings by a lot of reps on different courses, in different schools within the faculty. Student voice was very clearly asking for one thing above all else: better access! Working with the faculty, and learning from the lockdown situation, AHSS has been able to get home licences for the Adobe Cloud for students who need access to it for their course for the entire upcoming academic year! This is an absolutely huge win for our course reps in AHSS and we’re hoping to keep it going in the future!


Stand for Course Rep on your course!

Being a Course Rep is an incredibly rewarding experience, so if you’re interested in improving your experience here at ARU, stand for Course Rep for your course! Learn more about being a Course Rep here.


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