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What is a Course Rep?

Being a Course Rep sounds all well and good… but what exactly is a Course Rep?

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You’ve probably heard of a Course Representative, or Course Rep, by now. And if you haven’t, well, you’re probably even more confused. It sounds like a really cool job title, but that doesn’t help you to understand what it is. So we’re here to explain everything!


The clue is in the name

So basically, being a Course Rep, means representing the students in your year, on your course. That might still sound a bit…




A Course Rep will act and speak on behalf of the students in their class. There is at least one Course Rep per year group, for each degree. So for instance, there is a Course Rep for second year Midwifery students, and first year English Language students (as well as every other degree and year group but we’re not going to list them all here!)



A Course Rep’s main responsibility is to gather feedback from the students they represent. This doesn’t have to be in a formal written format. Feedback could be in the form of a discussion they’ve had with a group of students during their lunch break, or in a group Facebook message. They can also use email, or talk to people more privately, if they would prefer.


Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)

The next responsibility of the Course Rep is to attend SSLC meetings. This is where the Course Rep takes the feedback from the students they represent to the staff on their course to discuss. If any issues arise, this is where the staff and the Course Rep can reach a solution. These meetings are really laid back and informal – no need to worry about them! It’s a great way to build up a relationship with your lecturers as well, and find out what other courses in your faculty are up to. If you can’t attend, then no worries – just email in with your apologies and your report.


Faculty Rep

A Course Rep, might get in touch or be contacted by their Faculty Rep from time to time. This might happen if there’s an ongoing issue a Course Rep is dealing with, or if the Faculty Rep is running a campaign they need your support with.



A Course Rep will certainly know how to communicate at the end of the year if they didn’t already! They’ll be talking with the students they represent, the relevant university staff, and ARU Students’ Union staff, as well as writing reports, emailing, and potentially managing social media accounts.


Being a Course Rep is a really rewarding experience – if it sounds like something you’re interested in, find out how and when to nominate yourself here.


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