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Why join a Society?

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When it comes to joining a society the only real question is ‘why not’? Whether you’ve never been part of a society before or just feeling a bit nervous about signing up, here are the reasons why you should take the plunge and join in.


Have a new experience

Joining a society provides you with the opportunity to get involved in activities you might have never considered before. Even if you don’t fancy getting out of your comfort zone there are plenty of closer to home experiences to be had, sign up to the Tea and Hot Chocolate Society or try out a spot of Yoga.


Build skills and confidence

Getting involved in a society helps you build your skills and confidence, simply meeting new people and participating in events and gatherings will have a positive impact and provide you with skills you wouldn’t otherwise have. Fancy Mixed Martial Arts, Cheerleading, learning sign language?


Make friends

Making new friends who share your passions and interests is probably one of the best things about joining a society. Meeting a diverse range of people in an environment where you’re all excited to be there is an amazing opportunity, who knows, maybe you’ll make the friends who’ll stay with you through your whole uni experience.


Have fun

Ultimately joining a society is about having fun and having a space where you can share your passions and, hopefully, getting the chance to learn something new. So grab the opportunities offered to you by uni life and make the most of them.


So, at the end of the day, the only question you need to ask is, why not join a society?! Check out all our student lead societies here or take our fun quiz to find out which societies might suit you.


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