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Why The Group Chat is more important than ever

Find out why you should definitely be going to The Group Chat.

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The Group Chat is always important, and you should always attend. But this time it is so much more important that you come along and have your say. And here’s why.


Books Plus is changing




Did you know that Books Plus is changing? The Group Chat is the perfect opportunity to learn more, and to speak your opinion. You’ll get to have a say on how eligibility for the new bursary will be calculated, which will affect new students in the future.


Have your say




The Group Chat is that time of year where you get to have your say. Your opinion is all that matters during The Group Chat, and is the most important part of the night. Without your opinion there is no Group Chat! And most importantly, you get to have your say on the Books Plus changes.


Be a part of the student community




Going to The Group Chat makes you part of a community of students who care about their fellow students, and who want to make positive changes. Meet like-minded people, and enjoy a night full of discussion.


Make a difference




Going to The Group Chat may not seem like you’re doing much, but it’s actually a massive step for student democracy, especially if this is your first time doing anything like this. This is your chance to get involved with what’s going on, and to express your thoughts and opinions. Your words at The Group Chat could make a difference to the lives of future students.


Your actions will have a massive impact on future students




No matter what your opinion is, what you decide to do will impact future students. So make sure you come along, and make a positive impact, rather than a negative one.



See you at The Group Chat!    



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