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Which extra-curricular activities at university stand out to employers?

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Believe it or not (and we are being realistic here) many people get declined from certain jobs for the lack of experience in certain fields or subjects (even for the most little thing like being good at doing powerpoint presentations, speeches, administration or reception, etc).

The more practical skills you have, the more points you will tick in the lack of experience in a certain field, the more opportunities you will be able to apply for in the future.

A degree gives you a lot of knowledge, some experience and certainly the prestige, but that is not enough nowadays outside in the employability world. It takes time, patience and also few years to achieve certain experience in some fields. You don’t have to jump straight to a master after finishing your BA if you don’t feel it, but also you don’t have to feel stressed about “What’s going next?”. Take your time on the things you need at that precise moment.

There’s a lot you can do during your time at uni if you keep a balanced agenda of what you really would like to do as an extra-curricular activity to grow your CV towards employability opportunities.

1. You can stand as a Rep, or even apply to lead the Students’ Union and become the next President for SU for one year full-time

2. Our Students’ Union has some paid opportunities (part-time) that could help you to gain some skills and also build a good CV. (check here)

3. ARU’s Employment Bureau have a lot of different opportunities in different fields (including Welcome Week, Open Days, etc) mostly part-time. You can contact them and register with them to see what offers they have for you to gain some skills (including internships). Please check here

4. Volunteering. You can contact the volunteer office and check with them which kind of opportunities related to your course or what you are searching for (or even something different if you like) to be part of. There’s loads of opportunities going on recently and fields in which you can gain a lot of experience. You can also log those hours on your SU profile and at the end of the year, you will receive a certificate of achievement for a number of volunteering hours you did.  Find out more HERE. 

5. There are some course-based societies in ARU that also work with job opportunities or they create their own. Some of them also apply to the competition of Big Pitch and got to create their own job opportunity or business outside uni. Check societies here


You can make the most of your time here and get as many opportunities you like regarding your degree or other fields you like to explore. Don’t get stuck with what you have, we all work to give you the best so you can achieve that success you are searching for. Be brave, take risks and go for what you think you can or want to do. We are here to support you during the journey.


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