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What it felt like winning my Course Rep Election...

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The Course Rep Elections this year saw more than 510 candidates and 2,600 votes cast. But those numbers don’t tell you what it is like to be part of this Election. So we reached out to one of the winners this year to find out more. Andy Brice tells us about their experience.


What it felt like winning my Course Rep Election:


Having not being able to submit a manifesto/photo or anything due to other commitments forcing me to miss the deadline I was even shocked to be able to stand for Course Rep.

The only way I was getting a pledge across to people from my course year was to tell them I had applied and luckily my fellow peers have put their trust in me to act on their behalf. So I am pretty elated to be honest!


Your Union:

We try to support all candidates in maximising their own elections through photos, manifestos and campaigning tips. But Andy shows that even if you don’t get time to do all of these extra parts you can change your year simply by putting your name forward. Did you know we run our main elections around March, where we elect the part-time Executive committee for the following year and out Full-Time Officer roles. Find out more about this here.



What do I hope to achieve in my first year at ARU? 


A good grade will be a start! Having not been very academic when I was younger (I'm nearly 35!) I did two years with Open University studying for my LLB but as this was all online and due to personal bereavement amongst other things I sort of lost my way with the Open University. It was only at the beginning of August, I came to ARU with my partner as she was handing a presentation in  so while I was waiting for her, I was wowed by the facilities that ARU provided and knew this was the place where I wanted to study.


In terms of my Course Rep role, I want to provide support and give my peers the confidence I've never had. As I mentioned in my post, I have a lot of low esteem and lack of confidence and I don't want people to feel like they have to be alone. I also want to make positive changes for students in all aspects of their student journey.


Your Union:

No matter what year you in you can make a positive change, even if you missed these elections if you have an idea for change come in and speak to us about how we can help you action your ideas, through societies, volunteering or working with one of the elected Reps/ Officers.



What would I say to anyone considering to become a Course Rep?


Do it! 


Believe me, life is full of 'what if I'd of done this?' or 'What if I'd of done that?' - I've been there and its not a nice feeling! When I came to ARU I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and do something I'd never done before. In law, I need to be able to stand up in front of people and put my point across if I become a barrister so being a Course Rep is an ideal starting point in becoming more confident and resilient.


Your Union:

We gather feedback on student’s experiences throughout their studies, and one of the most recurring statements we hear is – I wish I had been involved sooner! It is never to late or too early to get involved with your SU while at ARU. From being a Rep, to societies, volunteering, Events and more we have lots for you to get involved in.



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