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What is it like to run a society?

Always wished you had run your society? Have a flair for event planning? Or just want to be part of a great team?

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Why should you run a society?

Running a society will be the best experience you will have at university. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet people and learn skills. Being a society committee member is a very important and fun role to have. You will be volunteering your time in making the university experience at ARU a more memorable and enjoyable for your members and students on campus. It will also allow you, the committee members and fellow students to get together, and do things you all enjoy.


Duties within the society:

There are different roles within the society committee, president, treasurer, administrator and you can add more to suit your society. Usually all committee members will be involved in everything at some point or another, which gives you the opportunity to widen your skills. As all societies depends on events for their success, such as meetings, trips, fundraising events and promoting you will be able to get involved in all these aspects and gain a lot of experience in event planning and organisation.

It’s important for the society committee members to work closely together as a team and always communicate.  This way everyone knows what’s going on, the things that need to be done and it will help your society be organised.


Skills you learn:

While running your society, you will be able to log the amount of hours in the volunteering tab, you can write about the things you’ve done and the skills you’ve improved. At the end you will receive a volunteering certificate and a list of all the skills and input you’ve had.

This is a great chance to enhance your employability as you will be able to demonstrate time management’s skills, event organisations, public speaking as well as developing strong interpersonal skills and the ability to take responsibility for equipment, people and money.


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