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What is The Election 2019 and why should I care about it?

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Every year we hold a big Election to elect a group of ARU Students to become the next leaders of your Students’ Union. They will be making big decisions on your behalf and campaigning on things that are really important to your student experience. It’s a bit like voting in the big general election for your MP’s – but ours is much better.

You might have seen the current group of elected students, called Officers or Vice Presidents led by a President, who won the Election last year, and also a group of Faculty and Campaign Reps. The Officers get paid in their positions and work full-time (with the exception of the ARU London Vice  President who works part-time) for one whole year. You can find out more about what officers are here.


So, where do you fit into this?

You have two (very exciting) options.


  1.  Before the 13th of Feb you had the chance to nominate yourself and stand for one of the positions (this is our favourite option). If you did this you will then ask as many people as you can to vote for you during voting week. 
  2. Or, if we didn't  tempt you to run yourself, then please remember to VOTE. It’s your right and responsibility as an ARU student and the more students who vote, the more representative our new team of student leaders will be.

When and where is this happening?

  • Nominations were until Wednesday 13th Feb, 12pm.
  • The candidates then have until Friday 15th Feb, 12pm to upload a manifesto and photo.
  • Voting will open 24 hours a day, online, from the Monday 25th Feb, 9am until Friday 1st March 2pm.
  • We will also provide a ballot station on campus during the week where you can also cast your vote
  • Join us in Chelmsford for the big results party! (We will be providing transport)


For more information and any other questions just head here.


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