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What if I’m unhappy with my grade?

Have you received your grade back and you’re unhappy with what you got? Find out how ARU Students’ Union can help you.

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Sometimes we don’t always get the results we hoped for. You might have worked really hard on an assignment only to find out you haven't got the mark you were expecting. Sometimes this is because of an error, or it could be that something was affecting you. Don't panic though! There are loads of people and services ready to help you out - everything will be okay.


The Student Advice Service is the university's advice service. You can find them at the iCentre, or via email at, or telephone at 01245 686700. They can help you with all things university related, such as academic rules and regulations, module changes, extensions, mitigation, intermission, withdrawal, and any questions you might have about results. As part of the university, they have the authority to sign off on your claims, providing you apply on time and include the correct evidence. Their service is completely free. 


ARU Students' Union Advice Service is a free service part of ARU Students' Union. We are completely separate to the university. You can find us at our offices on each campus, by emailing or or the Advice Service manager Donna-Louise Cobban at, by telephone at 01223 460008 (Cambridge) and 01245 258178 (Chelmsford), or book online. We can help you with anything, whether it is directly related to university or not. We do not have the authority to sign off on your claims, even  if you provide evidence, as we are not connected to the university. We can help you with applying, by helping you decide what route is best, what evidence you need to include, but we cannot sign it off. We are here to support you, and help you with anything you need us to. 


Please note that while ARU Students' Union advisors are more than happy to help you with your appeal or mitigation, we cannot sign off on them. In order to get your appeal signed off, you must visit a university advisor. You should make the university advice service your first point of call, but if you are totally lost, you can always come see ARU Students' Union Advice Service - we can help you figure out what to do, how to go about it, and who you should talk to. 


If you want to apply for an appeal and/or mitigation, it is best to visit a university advisor ARU Students' Union can help you with how to apply, so you can book an appointment with us if you need help, but the university advisors can sign off on your claim. If you're not sure how to apply for these, you can always come and see the ARU Students' Union advisors. We can help you find out who you need to talk to, and what applying for these claims means, as well as what evidence you should consider including. 


If you are applying for late mitigation, that means that you have missed the deadline for mitigation, make an appointment to see an ARU Students' Union advisor.


If you are feeling completely lost and confused, make an appointment with an ARU Students' Union advisor - we can help you figure out what you need to do, and help you with how to do it. 


Academic Appeals

We can help you with Academic Appeals if that’s something you wanted to do, but remember only the university can sign off on this. We have no power to accept your appeal, as we are separate from ARU. An Academic Appeal is where you contest the grade you have been allocated by your Faculty Awards Board. You must submit this within 25 days of your Faculty Awards Board, so make sure you make an appointment with our advisors as soon as you can if you need to talk it over, or a university advisor to make your appeal. You can find details on what you can appeal on here.


What if you fail a module?

You must pass all elements of a module with at least the qualifying mark of 30%, and achieve an overall mark of 40% in order to pass the module. This may be different for courses approve by a professional or statutory body. If you have failed one or more elements of the module, you will be considered to have failed it. You will be able to retake the module, but you will be capped at 40%. If you fail again, you will be able to retake the module with attendance and have another two attempts capped at 40%. If the module is optional, you will be able to replace it with a different module with attendance at the same level from a list of optional modules. You will have two attempts but your first attempt will not be capped at 40%.


I think I failed/didn’t do so well because of mitigating circumstances.

You must apply for mitigation no later than five working days after the date of the exam or assignment submission. If your mitigation is accepted, your mark, whether you passed or failed, will be annulled and you will be re-assessed in that particular element. ARU Students' Union advisors can help you with mitigation, but we cannot sign off on your claim. For this, you would need to see a university advisor, as they have the power to accept your claim, which we don't. We can help you if you are submitting a claim for late mitigation, however. 


I’ve been discontinued and I want to appeal.

If you have been discontinued, you won’t be able to re-apply to the same course until at least six months have passed. But if you apply for a new course, you don’t need to wait. If you think you have grounds to argue your case, make sure you book an appointment with one of ARU Students’ Union advisors, and they can talk to you and help you with your appeal. But please note we cannot sign off on your appeal. For this, you would need to see a university advisor.


Please don’t worry – we are here to help you.


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