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What if I’m struggling with my placement?

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If you aren’t getting on with your placement for whatever reason, it’s important that you talk to someone about it. The ARU Students’ Union Advice Service are here to listen to your problems, and to help you through them.


See what other students think.

Maybe you’re just stressed out, and think that you don’t like the placement for that reason. Talk to other people, and see how they are finding theirs. Also, check out the personal stories from placement students on our Placements page to see what they thought of their placements.


Book an appointment to see one of our Advisors.

If you’re not sure what to do, and just want someone to talk to, then book an appointment to see one of the ARU Students’ Union Advisors online, over the phone, or at our office. We can offer you free and confidential advice and most importantly, it’s non-judgemental so you can feel safe talking to us.


Talk to us about changing placements.

Maybe you need to change placements because you’ve moved, or you’re just not enjoying it anymore. Come and talk to one of our advisors to see if you can change, and to find out how you can go about it. We might also be able to offer you advice you never thought of, which may help you without having to change your placement.


Make sure you keep everybody informed with what you decide.

It’s important that you talk to your personal tutor and anyone else such as your mentor, keeping them up to date with what you plan to do. They are there to help you, and will try their best to accommodate your needs wherever they can.


We can help you to get the best out of your placements.


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