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What happens after you’re elected?

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As a current officer, what does an average day in the office look like for you?!

If you are a candidate in this years elections or simply want to know more about what officers do each day, this is the article for you! Find out more about the elections here.


Officer 1:

9:00am – Arrive in the office

9:05am – Check and respond to my emails

9:30am – Prepare for the day ahead

10am – Attend a university meeting

11am – Attend a union meeting

12am – Lunch

1pm – Contact students

2pm – Meet up with our campaigns coordinator to work on our campaigns.

3pm – Catch up with relevant departments that are essential for your campaigns e.g. Activities

4pm – Contact Faculty reps

4:30pm – Social media posts

5pm – Free hours to continue any work that needs to be done



Officer 2:

9:00 – Caffeinate in preparation for the day ahead

9:30 – Check up on big Higher Education news – see what other Students’ Unions are up to as well as reading some articles on what NUS and the other big student organisations are doing.

10:00 – Usually dash off to a meeting. This could be organising Freshers’ Week or meeting with faculty staff to discuss changes to a module and everything in between. It really is an incredibly varied job.

12:00 – Lunch. Clearly the most important part of the day. There’s nothing like a 2 hour meeting to work up an appetite.

13:00 – Campaigns. The best part about being an officer. Putting your manifesto ideas into action and creating real change for ARU students.

14:00 – Go out and chat to some students! Ask them about the big issues they’re facing at the moment and gather some feedback on SU activity.

15:00 – Sit down with the other officers and talk about team issues as well as debriefing on everything we’ve been up to.

16:00 – Get through the last of those pesky emails and tick off the last few things from the to-do list.

17:00 – Home/Pub.



Officer 3:

There is no right or wrong day in the life of an office. We have very busy calendars. Some days you’ll see all the other officers, other days you won’t see anyone. No day is ever the same. We have fairly flexible working hours, I can come in at 8.00am and leave at 16.00pm (as long as I have it approved and let the rest of the team know) so it’s not always a straight forward 9-5pm job. We sometimes start the day at 7.00am (when travelling to Chelmsford campus) and don’t leave till 20.00pm due to meetings and stuff. So the days can be long but we get to take that time back by coming in late other days. We have a lot of meetings and commitments.

8.45-9.00am – Arrive in the office. We hot desk (so you don’t always get the same desk every day) I get in early to make sure I get a desk spot.

Morning – I typically check my emails, Facebook updates/messages and read the news. This is a great time to see what’s happening that day/currently in the HE sector and across other Unions. Although, unfortunately, some days I don’t get to do this as 9.00am meetings are a thing (just as much as 9.00am lectures suck so do 9.00am meetings!)

Afternoon: Out and about talking to students! In meetings, running events, replying to emails or preparing for campaigns.

Some evenings: hosting events, going to events that other officers are running (We always try and support each other).



 Find out more here.


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