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UCU Strike Action

We are supporting UCU on their upcoming strike action. Find out more about the strike action.

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UCU Rising in pink letters on a white background.
The UCU (University and Colleges Union) has announced that there will be industrial action for better pay, working conditions, and pensions. Some teaching staff at ARU are members of UCU.

As a Students’ Union we are supporting UCU members in these forthcoming strikes. We stand in support of all our UCU members.

What do the UCU want?

Pay and working conditions:

· An increase to points on the national pay scale to raise in line with inflation.

· An intersectional approach to close the gender, ethnic and disability pay gaps.

· An agreed framework to improve employment practices across universities.

· Action to address the excessive workloads and unpaid work by staff.

· For the standard, weekly full-time contract to be 35-hours per week, with no loss to pay.

When are the strikes happening?

The full strike dates in November are:

· Thursday 24 November

· Friday 25 November

· Wednesday 30 November

How does this affect you?

All campuses and services will remain open as usual.

However, some lectures, tutorials or seminars may be cancelled or rearranged. Please follow your timetable as planned for the week.

We will remain open as usual and will be providing free tea and coffee making facilities at our SU spaces in Chelmsford and Cambridge. Please visit us to have a hot drink and use our spaces

What is the UCU?

The University and College Union (UCU) is one of the largest trade unions that operates in further and higher education. They represent academic and support staff in within colleges and universities across the country.

Trade unions operate in a similar way to how ARU Students’ Union do. They are membership organisations that provide a range of assistance and services to members. The biggest difference is they charge a membership fee and you are members of Students' Union for free.


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