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Top tips to improve your self-confidence at uni

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Mary Copsey, your Vice President of Business and Law, shares what her top tips for gaining self-confidence are when you're at uni. 


Dress how you feel comfortable  

The beauty of going to uni is that everyone has their own unique style. No one will judge you! Wear what you are most comfortable in. Whether that's casual or formal, BE YOU!


Maintain a balanced diet  

Eating healthily also makes you feel good! Try smoothies - I always find they are a quick and easy way to get your 5-a-day. And make sure you drink plenty of water.


Talk to people

Push yourself a little out of your comfort zone and make friends! Strong friendships can enhance your confidence. I remember when I first joined ARU and, although I am quite a confident person, I was nervous of the unknown. I found ARU Students' Union a good place to start to meet new people. I encourage you to go to Freshers Fair, and also to try one of the Give it a Go events. Personally, I found by going to events helped me improve my self-confidence and I also made friends - #bonus! You can find all the events right here.


Planning and preparation

People often feel less confident in new situations. Create action plans in advance. By doing so, you can break tasks down and this will help reduce anxiety, and help you gain confidence in your planning. 


Finally, take a deep breath and hold your head high!

Believe in YOU! You made it to university, so you are already a super star! You can achieve the grades you want if you believe in yourself and consistently remind yourself you can do this. That determination will help you make the most of your university experience.


Please remember that having a positive mind-set can improve your confidence, and make your university experience the best it can be!


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