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Too much spare time?

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Too much spare time on your hands? If you have just two days a week of classes and few more hours of part time work, but want to do more, here are a few tips for you to fill up your time and keep your own self-care.


1. Keep an organised agenda (in your phone, laptop, tablet or physical one). For example:

You have one class on a Tuesday at middle of the day, you’re working four hours early morning before class. Go to class, have an hour (or two) break and you can do some volunteering or any other activity. Always keep a full day off for yourself (to look after yourself, work, research or socialise).


2. Volunteer

As said in the previous point you can volunteer in something that you are interested in (animals, mental health, student union, sports, non-government organisations, etc). You will gain new skills (which is always good for your professional CV), gain direct knowledge in the field you are interested in, make great contacts and meet new friends with same interests as you.


3. Boost your CV  

Sometimes when you start volunteering in a specific field (for a couple of months or a year), that can also be a good opportunity for you to get a paid job in the field you enjoy. If you volunteer, for example in a theatre company, you will be part of a specific community related with your interests and career. Plus you get the opportunity to make new friends and share your passions and interests!


4. Browse Opportunities

Where can you find these opportunities? You can start with us at your Students’ Union! Click here to find out more about volunteering through the Students’ Union. If you can’t find something specific, you can always come and speak to us and we should be able to find something for everyone.


5. Join a Society or start your own  

Here at the Students' Union here are more than 120 societies to join where you’ll make friends, socialise and have fun. If you can’t find one that suits you – either a course or interest-based society – then why not start one for your own interests. We're here to help you have a great time at uni1


If you’re not sure about what you want to get involved with, come and chat to us at the ground floor of Peter Taylor House in Cambridge, or first floor of Tindal Building in Chelmsford.


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