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Hi, I am Mary Copsey, your Vice President for the Business and Law Faculty and this year I am running the #ARUaccessible? campaign this year.

  • I believe that ALL STUDENTS have the right to access their classrooms.
  • I believe that STUDENTS should not be left at a disadvantage when trying to access a building.
  • I believe that STUDENTS should have visual aids to support mobility needs around our campuses.
  • I believe that our campus should be accessible for EVERYONE.
  • This campaign aims to improve overall signage and address accessibility issues on our campuses.


How do you get involved?

We are looking for students who have accessibility issues to help us. You will be asked to take some photographs around campus on what accessibility means to you, and then to attend a 1-2-1 discussion about these (this can also be arranged as a digital meeting).  


We want to hear from all students whether you have a physical or a mental impairment, share with us your student stories, highlighting any accessibility challenges you have faced at ARU. Collectively, we can stand together and make a change and improve access for everyone.


Get in touch with Mary and give her your feedback, and we can even put a poster up to take a stand. There is no “I” in access and access should be for “everyone”.


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