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Thinking of dropping out of uni?

The first few weeks are often when students tend to drop out of uni. If this is something you’re considering, then read this article.

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Uni can be a very stressful time, that's not a secret. But when you're missing home, have deadlines piling up, and it feels like you can't keep on top of the work, it's easy to think your only option is to drop out. And we completely understand. But do try to stop and identify why is it that you want to drop out.



My course is not what I expected


This is more common than you'd think. A lot of people sign up for a degree, and then change their mind. If it's overwhelming you, you need to talk to someone about it. Here at ARU Students' Union we offer a non-judgmental Advice Team, and you can request an appointment here. You can also visit the university advisors who can help you and advise you with anything to do with university, and can advise you on changing courses if that's the best way forward. We will be able to help you - don't fret!



If it's a problem with a specific module, speak to your tutor and give them some feedback. Let them know what's troubling you - they're here to help you. Also, contact your newly elected Course Rep - they're there to pass on your feedback and make sure the course is the best it can be.


I'm struggling with deadlines


Your first point of call if you're struggling to meet deadlines is to talk to your tutors. They can help you with your assignment; they can look over essay plans and talk through ideas with you.



If you're struggling for specific reasons, the best idea may be to apply for mitigation. You can talk to our advisors or the university advisors about mitigation - they can help you with your application.


I'm feeling lonely, and struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and can't sleep


The stress of uni can cause many mental health problems, and you're not alone. Check out the Wellbeing and Counselling Service. They can help you with mental health problems, and help you with what to do. It might also be worth contacting your GP to see if they can provide any medication to help.


Dealing with stress can be hard, but it's important to find a way to cope with it. You can check out our article on self-care for some tips on coping with stress. Try going for a walk around the city you are living in and explore the area. Walking produces endorphins, the feel-good hormone. And it's always great to find new places that you love to hang out in.



You could also join a society. We have loads of societies you can join and if you can't find one you like, you can always set up your own. This is a great way to meet new people and to start a new hobby or interest.


I have personal or family problems going on


This is a really tough situation. But there's plenty of help available. Let your tutors know what's going on - they're very understanding, and can help you, if for example you can't make certain classes, they'll help you catch up. Also, talk to our Advice Team for advice on your situation.



Just remember that your family want the best for you, and they want you to be happy and succeed in your life goals. If you need to go home at any point for a short stay, then do it if it's going to help you.


I'm finding it hard to manage my time


This is really common among students, especially those who are working as well. It can be hard to balance a job, studying, and having some free time. You might find talking to your tutors helpful, for an idea of how long you should spend studying each week.



Or, come and see our Advice Team who can offer some advice on how to manage your time. This is simply a habit you need to build up to.


I'm missing home, my family, and my friends; I don't feel like I can cope with student life any more


This is a completely normal response to stress. Ask any of your class mates and they'll tell you exactly the same thing. Making friends at uni is a great way to combat the stress of missing home. They'll become your uni family, and you can lean on each other. Everybody needs support at some point.

Make use of our Advice Team as well - they can offer you non-judgmental advice on how to deal with this. Also, keep in contact with your family - Skype is a great way to communicate with people.



You'd be surprised how many students go through periods of feeling that they want to drop out. But it's not always the best call, and it could be something you regret. Having a degree is something to be proud of, namely because it's so difficult! Make sure you're doing something that you want to do, not what those around you want you to do. Make use of all the services mentioned above before you consider dropping out.


Best wishes from us all at ARU Students' Union - we believe in you and know you can do it!




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