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The Election 2019: What are the “Officers”?

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Officers, or Executive Officers, are the team of students who are elected each year to lead your Students’ Union. You might have seen us talk about your President or Vice Presidents – they are also known as Officers and you get to choose who they are!


Officers are different from the staff who work at the Students’ Union. They don’t fall under the same staffing structures as you might be used to and instead are wholly accountable to you, the student body.


Officers are paid to work and campaign to improve the student experience, through gathering feedback, running projects and influencing at the highest level within the university – it’s an important but very rewarding job.


They work full-time (with the exception of the part-time ARU London Vice President) for one year, with responsibility for…


  • Academic Representationrepresenting students within a faculty/faculties and working with Course Reps
  • Implementing Ideas & Projects – working on and developing student ideas and projects
  • Wellbeing and Welfaresupporting the campaign reps and leading campaigns to improve the wellbeing and welfare of students
  • Acting as a Figurehead – leading and supporting our elected representatives and volunteers
  • Championing Activitieschampioning the development of extra/co-curricular activities and opportunities such as clubs and societies
  • Gathering Student Views, Opinions and Feedbackactively listening to what students want, putting their ideas into action to create positive change
  • Leading Campaignscampaigning on institutional, local and national issues for the benefit of students
  • Building Relationshipsholding regular meetings with members of the Vice Chancellors Group
  • Governanceacting as a member of the Trustee Board with the ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the Union


Once a year we hold an Election to decide who is going to take on the challenge for the following year.

It’s an incredible opportunity and if you were elected would receive full training, support from staff and a budget to allow you to do just about anything to improve our university for students!


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