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The Big Move: Top Tips and how we’ll help

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Let’s face it, no matter how exciting moving is, it’s also a stressful business! Packing up your worldly goods and moving somewhere completely new is a big step, wherever you’re at in life. Here are some top tips on how to get settled into your new digs.


1. Our SU Heroes are here to help.

When you arrive on campus our SU Heroes will be ready and waiting to help you find your room, carry your boxes and help make your room cosy. We’re in this together!


2. Travel (reasonably) light

Many of us have a tendency to over-pack for our holidays, let alone a big move! But do give careful consideration to the things you bring with you. If you have a long journey ahead, especially if you’ll be using public transport, you don’t want to be stuck with more stuff than you can cope with. And remember, you can always get more of your stuff if you go home for a visit.


3. Bring photos and posters

An instant way to make your room feel homier is to get posters up on those walls. Don’t forget to pin up pictures of friends and family so you’ve got some familiar faces around.


4. Lighting

A string of fairy lights or a lamp goes a long way to creating ambience and making your room feel more like a home and less like a hostel! Coupled with a cushion or two on the bed this will help create a cosy space to hang-out with flatmates, especially if your accommodation doesn’t include a communal living area.


5. Bring a door-wedge!

Making friends is key to feeling at home. While you’re moving into your room keep your door wedged open so your flatmates know you’re in and can come and say hi. An open door in more ways than one!


Welcome to your home! We’re really excited that you’re coming to ARU and bringing your passions and interests to the Students’ Union. As your Union we are here to help you feel at home, whether that be through our SU Heroes helping with the move, or helping you sign up to our student led societies and get involved with the community.


6. Check out our events calendar

If you haven't checked out our events calendar already, have a look now! This is the only place you'll be able to find all Freshers events and social activities. There'll be something for everyone, from campus tours to big nights out. 

Let’s do this together! 


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