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The 9 stages of pulling an all-nighter in the library

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Rushing that assessment, essay, portfolio or study for a test at the last minute? Yes, we all do! Believe it or not, none of you are alone in this struggle.

It's that time and season in the academic year when everyone is trying to stretch every bit of time they have, including staying all night long for the sake of our studies and to save us from a fail.


  1. You stock up on loads of caffeine, water and energy drinks ready to settle in for the night.

  2. You gather all kinds of food that you can. It’s your time to cheat on your diet to keep yourself going.

  3. You spend time to find the perfect seat in the library. You've got people around you but you say goodbye to your noisy and distracting friends. As much you want the motivation from your best friend, you know it won't work.

  4. You stay away from your mobile phone and that friend that only text/ calls you when you busy, or any human that is going to waste those precious hours of your ‘rushing my life study’ 

  5. You've had a good start but you're losing your focus. Time is against you and every minute counts. You make a list of points to complete to make sure you manage your time in the last minute rush. 

  6. You start to get tired and distracted because you've not taken a break. You distract yourself by browsing social media and reading articles like this. You admit to yourself you need to schedule breaks and have 15-20 minutes break for each 1h30 - 2 hours.

  7. You put on a good music playlist that will inspire you to go through your all nighter.

  8. And the words start flowing...

  9. It gets to a silly hour in the morning and you've made some good progress. It's not deadline day yet so you decide to go home and have a proper nap to give your brain a rest.

You repeat this process up until submission day.


If you are struggling to complete your work, you may be able to ask for an extension. If you believe that for good reasons you cannot hand your work in on time contact your Faculty Student Adviser as soon as possible before the deadline.


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