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Ten Reasons you should nominate someone for a Made a Difference Award

The Made a Difference Awards are a special time to show your staff how much you appreciate what they do – so why should you nominate someone?

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Nominating an ARU staff member for a Made a Difference Award is a way to show those special members of staff how much you appreciate them going above and beyond the call of duty. Here’s our top ten reasons why you should nominate someone who has Made a Difference!



1. You can make a difference to their life!




These awards are all about making a difference, and there’s no reason why you can’t get in on the fun! For someone who constantly exceeds expectations, it feels amazing to be recognised. Your tutors would love nothing more than for you to appreciate what they’re doing, and tell them how much you find their work inspiring.



2. You get to attend a snazzy party!




If the member of staff you voted for gets short-listed, then you get invited to the Made a Difference Awards. It’s a very special occasion where you get to dress extra fancy, enjoy a three coure meal and celebrate in style (plus it's all free)!



3. There’s a bunch of different categories




This year there are nine award categories you can nominate staff for! There are awards to celebrate everything from innovative teaching, to excellent modules, so you've automatically got nine awesome reasons to get involved.



4. You get to be part of a massive community




For the 2017 awards, there were a whopping 1,085 nominations! Nominating a member of staff for the brilliant work they do is a way to be part of a larger community that recognises success and outstanding performance.



5. Great photo opportunities!




The Made a Difference Awards always take place in a beautiful setting. Last year, they were held in Boreham House, a Grade One listed mansion with original features inside, and a breath-taking view of a lake. There is a chance for some amazing Instagram posts, and we always take loads of pictures at the awards as well!



6. You get to show your tutors how much you care




This is the perfect opportunity to show your tutors, who time and time again go beyond what you expected from them, how much you truly appreciate what they’re doing. So go show them so love and nominate someone!



7. It’s an opportunity to celebrate success




There’s no other time during the year quite like this, where students and staff come together to celebrate the learning success of ARU. The staff at ARU are always celebrating your successes – now is the time where you can celebrate theirs!



8. It’s a way to recognise our amazing Non-Academic staff




There are so many staff that aren’t involved with academic teaching, that are a vital part of your experience here. Perhaps a Mental Health Advisor, or a member of the Security Team have made your experience at ARU easier. This is the chance to celebrate them, too!



9. It’s a way to identify what is important to students




By sharing the successes of outstanding members of staff, it shows other staff what they can aspire to. By understanding what you value in a staff member, and what helps you to excel, the other members of staff will be inspired to be the best they can be.



10. You’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling




There’s no better feeling than making someone smile. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing by nominating someone for the Make a Difference Awards. Make your nomination meaningful, and they’ll always remember your kind words.



So go ahead and make your nominations!


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