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This year we have five categories of award for Made a Difference. Please read the categories below and think about the person you’re nominating and which category is right for them.

Outstanding Personal Tutor Award (all Personal Tutors can be nominated)

Your personal tutor is your guide on the path to academic success. This award is for that personal tutor who helps you develop from wide-eyed fresher to university expert, a friendly mentor who helps you maximise your potential at ARU.

When nominating someone for this award, consider:

  • Do they make sure you get the help you need, whether it’s from them or not?
  • Do they help you adjust to university life?
  • Do they support your personal development, inside and outside of your academic achievement?
  • Do they develop your independence while still being there for you?
  • Do they help you understand your academic engagement, leading you to become more likely to succeed?

Outstanding Supervisor Award (all Supervisors can be nominated)

The supervisor plays a vital role in the development of your work, whether you’re writing a dissertation, completing your major project, or undertaking a doctoral thesis. This award is for the supervisor who pushes you – and your academic work – just that bit further.

When nominating someone for this award, consider:

  • Do they challenge you to produce original research that contributes to your subject?
  • Do they engage in stimulating and enthusiastic discussion that gets you excited about your work?
  • Do they help you to showcase your research or creative work to your community, through conferences, publications, or other opportunities to share knowledge?

Excellent Teaching Award (all teaching staff can be nominated)

Those who teach us have the potential to make a tremendous impact on our lives, inspiring us as they stand in front of the lecture hall or lead our seminars. This award is for those whose skill is making information exciting, understandable and fresh. Whether teaching in-person, online, or a bit of both, this award is for the excellent teacher in your life.

When nominating someone for this award, consider:

  • Do they communicate new concepts to you effortlessly?
  • Do they provide useful and prompt feedback that allows you to improve your skills?
  • Are they passionate about their subjects in way that makes you enthusiastic to learn?
  • Do they act as a leader in ARU’s learning community, challenging what you think you know and organising subject-related talks, debates, and panels?
  • Are they innovative, using technology creatively, approaching the subject in a unique way, or providing course material that is outside of the standard curriculum?
  • Is their teaching up-to-date with the latest practice in your current or future employment sector, or has their teaching helped give you skills for current or future employment in your chosen career?

Professional Services Staff Award (all Professional Services staff can be nominated)

Is there a member of staff that works behind the scenes that you think stands out? This award is for those people who enrich your university experience, contributing positively to your on-campus (or virtual!) learning environment.

When nominating someone for this award, consider:

  • Do they go above and beyond to solve an issue?
  • Do they demonstrate ARU core values, enhancing your learning experience?
  • Do they listen to your feedback and anticipate your needs?
  • Do they offer support that motivates you to act on issues yourself?
  • Do they offer flexible options for how to access support in a way that suits you?

Inclusivity Award (all staff can be nominated)

This award is for the staff member who is inclusive of all students, from anticipating accessibility needs to ensuring that all students get engaged, feel represented and are heard. Being inclusive is about everything from bringing everyone into the discussion, having a diverse curriculum and overcoming prejudice that might manifest on campus. Being inclusive can also be about providing a specific focus for a group of students who may otherwise feel excluded from university. This could be providing extra classes/activities, specific resources or an alternative format for students.

When nominating someone for this award, consider:

  • In the classroom, are the handouts, presentations and Canvas pages accessible?
  • Have they developed teaching or support for a specific group of students (for example BAME students, disabled students or care leavers)?
  • In the classroom, are the resources used reflective of a wide range of perspectives and opinions? Do they include examples from people of different cultures, genders or sexualities?
  • On campus, do they anticipate the needs of students who require something a little bit different, or think about ways to represent and engage students from BAME, disabled, LGBT or other diverse backgrounds?
  • Do they make sure that you get extra support if they know you need it?
  • Do they put effort into making your university experience inclusive for everyone?


Made a Difference Awards are student led, co-ordinated by the Students’ Union, and are all about students recognising fantastic, inspirational and life-changing Anglia Ruskin Staff. What makes a truly amazing student experience is identified through the nominations and this feedback contributes to improving all areas of our University.

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