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Sustainability in your Students' Union and beyond

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With climate change and sustainability becoming a hot topic I have decided to act to ensure the university and union are being as environmentally friendly as possible

In the last academic year, I passed a policy through our student council which is known as 'The Group Chat'. This policy focused on making sure that the university and union would commit to more environmentally friendly methods such as recyclable tupperware, keep cups, reduced printing and embedding sustainability into our strategy.


In July, I went to a conference in Leeds where unions across the UK came to learn and network, it was at this conference I gave a talk on the new sustainable approaches our union and university have taken to support our environment. 

Since then we have hosted a series of workshops and webinars with our students and other unions highlighting the importance of collaboration and showing how easy being sustainable can be, from the grass root day to day activities to large plans and policies.

I hope to be attending upcoming sustainability conferences as well as the Sustainability Summit!


In terms of more day to day activities I have been working with and supporting our volunteering and activities teams, as well as the Global Sustainability Institute to hold events such as clearing a nature reserve, tree planting as well as the recent Student Climate Strike in September!

At the moment i am working with the university to help re-write their sustainability strategy to ensure the goals and targets they set or effective, ambitious but still achievable. We are aiming to have sustaibility embedded within our very own SU Strategy!

On the 4th November myself and fellow officer Siobhan Fouche attended the NUS-SOS Sustainability Summit in Sheffield! You can read the article through the link below to find out more about what we got upto at conference!

I will be attending another conference on the 13th November in Nottingham to network with other unions that may not necessarily be affiliated with NUS! I will be updating this page again when i get back from conference! :) 
There is currently an open letter going out as it was recently revealed that a member of the Board of Govenors is a trustee of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), a prominent lobby group opposing action on climate change and promoting misinformation about climate science. We are calling on them to cease their involvement with the GWPF. You can sign the letter at the link below!


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