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Why I am running Best Night Out and raising awareness of Sexual Taboo

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Amanda is your VP for AHSS (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), find out more about Amanda and what she is doing to support you as a student here or email her at

Amanda is currently running a campaign supporting safer nights out for students called Best Night In and Best Night Out. Best Night In events provide non-alcoholic events for students to meet and engage with other students in our SU spaces, and Best Night Out are evenings at our Bar and Events venues with themes like Sexual Health Awareness with freebies and great company! 

Amanda's Next Best Night out event is in Chelmsford: Find out more here.


Amanda talks more about her research around this area below and shares an interesting open conversation about Student Sex Workers:

“I have recently been reading the report ‘The Student Sex Work project’ it was an extremely interesting and enlightening read. The report defined sex work in terms of ‘the exchange of sexual services, performances, or products for material compensation’ (Weitzer 2010:1) and may reflect a wide range of possible activities. It should be noted that there is a distinction is made between direct sex work (popularly understood as ‘prostitution’) and indirect sex work (sexual services that do not involve a direct and intimate contact with a client such as erotic dancing, webcam services, porn acting, glamour modelling’.

There are many reasons as to why students’ may be involved in sex work such as you enjoy it and it is a good income for you in order to support your lifestyle. I believe that it is a challenge to tackle the stereotyping and stigma that student sex workers face. We should be moving towards a process of social inclusion regardless of the reasons why you may engage in sex work. It is important that we support student sex workers in order to make sure that a student is safe in the situations that they may be putting themselves in. Further, there should be relevant and appropriate support for students who may face difficulties within the industry. Or provide these safe spaces where a student can just talk about their experiences.

I would like to clarify that this article is expressing my own personal views on the matter of student sex work. I am highlighting an awareness that this form of work may be part of a students’ university experience and that we should offer support for those who may need it.”


Screening & Safety - Ugly Mugs scheme is a tool that allows you to report freely. You can report incidents and receive warnings about dangerous individuals. If you report to National Ugly Mugs they will use the information to warn other sex workers and potentially save their lives. - The SAAFE offers a range of helpful advice, guidance and support on every aspect of the sex work industry. - This app/website allows you to check phone numbers.         


Sex Worker Organisations - Know Your Rights - This link includes a download which was written by sex workers and legal professionals to explain the prostitution laws in accessible terms. It aims to help you know the law, how to protect yourself from arrest, how to defend yourself if charged, and where to get help. It is available in English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Thai. - The English Collective of Prostitutes is a current sex worker-led organisation based in London. They support and campaign for the decriminalization of prostitution. - Sex Workers Advocacy and Resistance Movement are a current sex worker-led organisation based in London. They campaign for decriminalisation and public education. - The Global Network of Sex Work Projects is a membership organisation comprising sex-worker led organisations around the world.


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