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So you are a candidate in this years election? What's next?

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Nominations to stand in this years’ election are now closed. So, if you put your nomination in it’s almost official you are a candidate.


Your first steps:

To make your candidacy official is to submit your photo and manifesto before Midday Friday the 6th. Check your emails, you should have received guidance on how to do this, and information about the Candidate Briefing.

You should also submit your top three priorities, these are super important as they are printed in the Candidate Booklets, think carefully which three points are important to you, and submit here before Wednesday the 11th March.


Step two:

Attend the candidate briefing, it is really important you know the rules of an election, you don’t want to accidentally make a mistake because you didn’t know! Rules broken, can lead to disqualification.

The briefing will also give you an outline of how the next few weeks work, check your emails if you are not sure when this is.


Step three:

Make the 11th March free in your diaries this one is a biggie, The Big Candidate Debate. With half a day’s training with experts in campaigning, design, social media and more followed by a live—stream sent to students whose vote you want to win. This is a really great day to be part of!


Why not share The Big Candidate Debate with your friends, and course mates to get the word out that you are a candidate. Invite friends to this event here.


Step four:

Take a look through the countless resources, tools, and tips we have put together to help you run the best campaigns!



Step five:

Voting opens on Saturday 14th March at 9am and closes Friday 20th March at 2pm. During this time you should comment on ARU SU’s Election posts and share the link’s that can be found:


The best way to reach students you may not know is through your Students’ Union so be sure to follow our accounts now.


Step six:

Have fun, so many students meet friends for life during the election voting week. It’s a great bonding experience, join us for candidate breakfast from 9 – 10am every weekday, get to know other like-minded passionate students and help make all ARU students love elections too!


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